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    HBB Recommendations

    I need to purchase 2 HBBs for my 5.5yo DD (45# and 45"). She is still in a Britax Frontier 90 in the primary car, but has grown out of her Britax Marathons in our secondary cars. The HBB must have LATCH and cannot require headrest support (angled headrests, they're just easier to remove when...
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    Graco Turbobooster high back

    We have a Graco Turberbooster. Does anyone anyone else have issues with the headrest falling down? It stays in place while she's riding, but each time she gets in/out, it falls down and I have to readjust before she rides in it again. Is this normal of all HBBs? I was hoping that I could...
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    Booster or 5-pt harness

    DD is spending time with her grandparents this summer. She will be 5.5 yrs old. She's currently 41# and 42". I expect she will be taller come summer, but not much heavier. She is currently harnessed in a Britax Frontier 90. I know this seat is a breeze to install and I am able to install...
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    Flying with kids

    Flying in a week - children are 3y 1.5m and 4y 11m. Would you take a car seat on the plan for either of them? Seat is not needed at the destination (Disney).
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    School Field Trip - bus vs van

    DDs preschool takes local field trips. As a parent, I can request she be in the van (where I provide and install her seat) or on the bus. She is 4.5yo, 41" and 39#. The van is a 15-seater, and I'm nearly positive it is lacking top tether anchors. Her car seat in the van would be our Britax...
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    Graco Nautilus or Argos?

    We currently have 2 Frontier 90s. We need a 3rd harness to booster car seat. For our currently lease used car. DD is 4.5yrs old, 36 pounds, and 41". I'd prefer not to spend the cost of the Frontier 90, but I really would like a seat with no re-thread harness. What is the difference between...
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    Britax frontier 90 - head falling while asleep

    We have our 4.5yr old in a britax frontier 90. It is in the more reclined setting. And yet, her head still drops to her chest every time she falls asleep, which causes her to wake shrieking... Longer trips are difficult because she cannot get comfortable enough to sleep. Car is a 2011 Toyota...
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    2011 Toyota Sienna + Diono Radian

    Has anyone installed a Diono Radian RFing in the 3rd row, outboard, of a 2011 (or newer) Toyota Sienna? It would be a seat belt install (as there is no LATCH in that position). I usually install in the middle row, but need it in the 3rd row for a weekend trip. Before I get outside in the...
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    Car seat on plane?

    Traveling soon by plane. Seats will NOT be needed at the destination (Disney magical express). Both kids have their own seat on the plane. DD1 will be 4y 11mo and I'd estimate 42" and maybe 40#. Does she need to use a car seat on the plane? (She's currently in a frontier 90, 5-pt harness)...
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    Frontier 90 and Toyota Sienna

    I Have a 2011 sienna - frontier 90 installed in captain chair. But, to get a good install, I took off the headrest. Then I read on another board that the versa tether should go through the headrest. Ours just goes up and over the seat back... When I install with the head rest in place, it...
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    Which combination seat?

    We have a britax frontier 90. Love it. We need a seat for our other car. Is the 90 as good as it gets? I was also looking at the Recaro Performance (bright pink color... And to a preschooler, color matters) and then the Pioneer 70 becuase it's slightly cheaper. Any thoughts on how these...
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    What convertible seat?

    Baby is big. Don't have exact stats, but like 90% height and weight. Currently in B-Safe (and still fits), but family has someone who has offered to buy them a convertible, so they're accepting the offer - price is not a concern. I recommended Radian (we have and I love), Foonf, or the Graco...
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    Britax lockoff

    Anyone else have trouble with a Britax seat, installed with the lockoffs, loosening over time? I can get a rock solid install, but then the seat loosens.
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    Question Too upright?

    Radian RXT with AA in 2011 Subaru Legacy. Children who use are 3.5 and 20 months. Is it too upright??
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    DD needs new seat

    DD is less than 1 month shy of 3.5 yrs old. 35.5" and 32#. We need a new seat so that we're not moving seats between cars as often. I'd always said she would be RFing until 4. But now I'm not sure if it would be smarter to just buy the Frontier (which would be my choice seat, if I got a FFing...

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