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    Help understanding the law please

    Can someone please help me understand what exactly this means? We are in California. Thanks!
  2. mommabritt

    HBB compatible with outboard 2nd row Ody

    Hello, we are new odyssey owners and still learning what works and what doesn't. The only hbb we own is a parkway sg and the seatbelt doesn't slide freely in the guide and bunched up really bad and is a concern to me. Fit is great if the belt is out of the guide but not sure that's ok... The...
  3. mommabritt

    ISO Cardiff Headrests

    Hello! I'm looking to buy two Cardiff headrests for a cross country drive. If anyone has any to part with please let me know price and shipping to 92058. Thanks!!
  4. mommabritt

    In Search Of DESPERATE for Clek Hearts Oobr!

    If you have one to sell I'm willing to pay plus shipping. My daughter would freak the heck out over this seat (who am I kidding, I will too lol!) , please let me know if you have one to part with. Thanks! Posted via Mobile Device
  5. mommabritt

    Parkway SG Snorkel

    Looks so great next to the Livia! Sorry for the sideways pic. I tried to fit as much of both in the frame and didn't realize I was on square.
  6. mommabritt

    In Search Of Maui cover for Parkway

    Hole free and in good condition please! Shipping is to Camp Pendleton in CA 92058. Thank you!
  7. mommabritt

    Question Rf or ff in secondary vehicle?

    Dh drives a new to us '13 Dodge Journey. It is our family car whenever possible but he takes it to work so this is just weeknights and weekends (when we actually go Dd is turning three in three weeks. Dh is requesting dd seat ff in his car now that she is going to be three...
  8. mommabritt

    Question Vehicle belts not retracting properly anymore?

    I've started noticing that the shoulder belts in the third row of my 06 Suburban aren't retracting on their own. This is also the case on the captains seats in the middle row but I really only notice on the passenger side since the drivers side has a rf roundabout installed 100% of the time. The...
  9. mommabritt

    In Search Of Livia cover set for Frontier85

    In great condition please, no belly pad necessary but would like strap covers. Pm me with asking price :) Thank you!
  10. mommabritt

    Radian in overhead storage?

    Anyone know if a SK Radian xtsl will fit in the overhead storage on a southwest flight as a carry-on? Thanks.
  11. mommabritt

    Question Frontier 85 install help

    The manual says its incompatible with forward of the bight belts. Is this as black and white as they say or is it possible with some sweat and blood? Questioning it in the third row bench of an 06 Suburban. Only the center seat has a top tether point so that is where it would have to go. Lap...
  12. mommabritt

    Question Best price on Frontier85 and Diono Monterey?

    Must have free return shipping jic. :thumbsup: Oh, requests are for a red Monterey and an Onyx or Maui Frontier. :) Thanks!! Oh again..I am open to buying from a member here but must be in EUC and have a DOM of two years ago or less.
  13. mommabritt

    Question Newer monterey in a Suburban/Yukon XL?

    I posted in another area but realized it may be in the wrong spot :blush: Does anyone know if the new belt guide Montereys are compatible in an 06 Suburban/Yukon XL? I'd be using the captains seat primarily but the third row when needed. Pics of use is greatly appreciated as I'm very visual...
  14. mommabritt

    Question Diono Monterey in a Suburban?

    I read somewhere that the Monterey belt guides aren't friendly in the Suburban. Mine is a 2006 and I'd like to put it in the middle row captains chair (to use with LATCH) but could use periodically in the third row (no LATCH). I just realized our Turbo expired like a year ago. I'd buy another...
  15. mommabritt

    Question Good deal on BJCM 2012?

    Beyond just no sales tax and free shipping? I want a black one like, yesterday. :) Oh, and I kinda think I want a Chicco adapter too. Thanks!!

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