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    For Sale or Trade Wanting to trade my fr90ct zebra

    For a Kaleidescope. Zebra is in vgc except for some scuffs on the bottom by the adjuster. Willing to put some cash with it.
  2. mominabigtruck

    In Search Of 2 angle adjusters

    Just looking to see if anyone wants to sell for cheaper than amazon. I do need 2. Would also be interested in a girly 80 cover.
  3. mominabigtruck

    Question Urbini petal

    I was just on urbini's website and it says the car seat that comes with the onmi and touri travel systems are different and not interchangeable. But looking at the seats I can't see a difference??
  4. mominabigtruck

    In Search Of snugride 30 boy cover

    Classic connect, must have all pieces and be in excellent condition. Bonus if its one with the full insert and strap covers.
  5. mominabigtruck

    Booster for a 98 caravan

    I'm buying a seat for a foster child so budget is very important. He's 6 but very small, maybe 40lbs and wears a size 5 shirt. I didn't love the way a tb fit when I had a caravan and all I have is more expensive boosters. It is all bench seats and no headrests.
  6. mominabigtruck

    In Search Of Radian

    It can be clothed or not, if not it has to be an xtsl. Looking more for cheapness than newness. Not that I would turn down a new cheap deal;) I'm also kind of iso a pp convertible in a pretty color. I have a sr35 that I could do as a partial trade if anyone is interested.
  7. mominabigtruck

    Pria tiny fit question

    I just started using the pria a couple weeks ago for dd2 and from the start have not been happy with the fit. She is maybe barely 17lbs completely dressed soaking wet but she seems way too big for the tiny fit but the manual says it must be used until 18lbs. She's not big at all, wearing 6-9...
  8. mominabigtruck

    Any interest in a sr35?

    Dom late 2012, I have a brand new flint cover set and a brown and pink baby classics. It does have the gracopedic foam also. Destashing before we move and all I've had on cl is a bunch of people asking if I'll take $20:(
  9. mominabigtruck

    Question Anyone in Europe???

    A friend has a maxi cosi citi from Germany and we're trying to figure out if there is a stated rfing height limit. I have been all over the manual and can find nothing about height. Is this unusual, am I missing something?
  10. mominabigtruck

    Quick question about rxt

    Will it fit in 2005ish Kia Sedona rfing? They are tall people and already have a tb on the drivers side. She currently has a German maxi cosi infant seat and is having a hard time finding an American seat up to her standards.
  11. mominabigtruck

    In Search Of FFS or super cheap boy blvd 65 cover set

    All I have is girl sets and I need a boy cover to put on it to give to my neighbors. I'm not particular about pattern/color, just so it's in decent shape. I also have two girl sets if anyone is interested, a tiffany and the hot pink and yellow one.
  12. mominabigtruck

    In Search Of PP pliko fabric set

    Mine is an actual pliko from Italy but I'm almost positive its the same as a us pliko, just really ugly. I'm looking for everything, cover, canopy and bumper bar cover. Bonus points if there's a basket because mine didn't come with one. I'm not looking to spend a ton, I only paid $2 for the...
  13. mominabigtruck

    In Search Of Girly gn or argos

    For my mom, she wants something with flowers or a bright pattern. It really only needs to have about 3 years but the cover needs to be in euc with all pieces.
  14. mominabigtruck

    So, I love my pria

    But seriously, what is up with the non removable headrest cover??? I admit it, my kids are filthy beasts who are always eating and drinking in the van but who's bright idea was it to make a big part of the seat not washable? It's really, really driving me crazy. To the point where I'm about to...
  15. mominabigtruck

    How much more time would a sk get me over a maestro?

    I have a maestro as my extra seat for ds3 and it is just about outgrown. He's right at the top slots and 48ish lbs. I need something lightweight, very user friendly, fits in an 08 caravan and relatively cheap. Bonus points if it doesn't have a crappy buckle.

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