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    Trying the Chicco booster-what do you think?

    Went to Target to check out the Chicco booster and they had an online return for $49! The Recaro didn't work out for us. Too big for DD to buckle and the lap belt for hung up and wouldn't tighten. What do you think about this fit? I'm pretty happy with it. I really like that the latch actually...
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    Question Pick a different booster for DD

    DD just turned 6, is 41 lbs and I just bought her a Recaro booster. It was a great fit and came in purple! I posted pics on here and everyone agreed it fit well. Problem is it doesn't seem compatible with our seat belts or maybe it's just a Recaro issue. The lap belt hangs up and I cant get it...
  3. mlohry

    Boosters that fit a petite 6 year old well.

    So my DD has basically been begging since she was 2 to ride in a booster. She is a peanut. She will be 6 in March and finally hit 40lbs-the minimum for being in a booster in WI. I am not one to harness for forever. I tend to lean more on the booster when appropriate. She is for sure ready. She...
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    Ok pick a car seat for my co-workers infant

    Ok, so my co-worker is having a baby in March. She is probably 6 feet tall, dad is 6'8!! This is going to be a long baby! What should she get for an infant seat? She is well versed on extended rear facing, budget seems very open. She registered for a Peg Perego. Weird thing she heard is that the...
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    Step away from the FB Buy and Sell it group!!!

    OMG!!! I am blue in the face arguing with a lady about selling a JJ Cole bundle me thing!!! "Well it says it's safe!" What the heck, just trying to help a buyer out. Thankfully admin on this site are safety aware. What the heck do people do when they see stuff like that for sale, try to inform...
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    Latch load limits

    So I'm checking for my sister. Her son is 9 months and 23lbs. She has 2 Britax Marathon car seats. They are going into a Toyota Venza and a Chevy Malibu, what's the Latch load limit now?
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    Question Favorite infant seats

    I am asking for a friend and I'm out of the loop when it comes to infant seats. Give me your tops. Low to mid price. Buy at Target or BRU.
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    Question Growing out of booster

    So my 11.5 year old got to go booster less in the Ody middle row this last week. He's been without a booster for about 6 months in our Honda Fit and has been asking to go without in the van. We were driving 5 hours to MN last week and he was in his Amp and I was watching him really be squirmy...
  9. mlohry

    Question What would you buy?

    So we are probably a year out on this, but it's been the hot topic here with our 05 Ody getting on in age and miles (200,000). The van has been everything I hoped for and it's for sure gotten lots of love! We have 3 kids, they are 11, 9 and 5. The 11 year old JUST 5 stepped out of a booster in...
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    Question Colors of the Incognito

    So I see the incognito is up on amazon now. I need 2, but are there other colors coming out? I thought there was a dark gray coming, but I only see black and a light gray. Is the light gray really light? Trying to match up an Ody gray interior. If it's going to be a long time for the other color...
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    Question Best seat for a teen mom

    My sister is a teen mom, not the most responsible teen on the earth due to some mental health issues, but she is going to be a mom soon and I want to buy her an infant seat. We live in different states so she will pretty much be on her own for install and use. She may get a bit of help from my...
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    Question Moldy seat cover on Nautilus

    So we had a bit of lag time from when I sold my MA70 and when my FR90 came and I borrowed my friend's GN. The cover was a bit dirty so I took it off to wash it and found 2 mold spots under it. I could tell her kids ate in the car so I'm sure something got spilt, but I was really surprised it was...
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    Question Is DS 5 stepping in our Honda Fit?

    So DS1 is 10.7 years and for sure needs a booster (Amp) in our 05 Ody in all seating positions. We just got a 2010 Honda Fit and his head is too high in the Amp with the head rest all the way up. So we tried him in no booster and he looks pretty good. His feet are flat on the floor, knees bent...
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    For Sale 86 Y harness

    I have a 86Y harness that I used 2 times. Has all the connections that were never used. Selling for $40 shipped.
  15. mlohry

    Question Would a FR90 fit in a Honda Fit (moved from Shopping)

    We just got a Honda Fit and i actually won't be able to try it for a month but I really want to order a FR90. We spend the Summer with family and DH has that car. Would a FR90 fit in there with 2 boosters or maybe just 1 booster if DS1 5 steps? Normal vehicle is an Ody not worried about that.

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