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    In Search Of ISO Incognito Kid Positioning Booster, any color

    Hi there! I spoke with a representative at Safety 1st this morning and she confirmed that these are currently not being manufactured. We are looking for one for our second car; the only one I can find online is in Canada and they will not ship to the US. Does anyone have one in good...
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    Need booster rec. -- 2009 Forester 3-across

    Hi there! We've moved all the seats around again in anticipation of Baby #5, who is due any time now. The Subaru currently only has kids in it occasionally but soon we'll be moving and our main vehicle is going to be on a truck. So for a couple weeks, this vehicle and its car seats are going...
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    Ford Expedition help needed...

    Bummer, just talked with the rental company and it'll be a Tahoe. So I guess it's Tahoe advice we need... We'll be traveling next week. Just reserved a Tahoe (thought it was going to be an Expedition) ... The kids are 7, 6, 3 and 1.5. Hoping to travel with two Roundabout 40's (1 RF, 1 FF)...
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    3-across 3rd row of Honda Pilot

    We currently have 3 FF seats across the 3rd row of our 2009 Honda Pilot (new body style): Radian-Roundabout 40-Radian. The RA-40 will be expiring in a couple months. I want to keep all 3 of these kids in the back, since we will soon have 2 RF Radians in the 2nd row and I like to keep the...
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    RF Radian in Honda Pilot: need angle adjuster?

    In a couple months I'll be trying to install 2 RF Radians in the second row of our 2009 Pilot (new body style) -- driver's side and center. One for a newborn (probably in center) and the other for a nearly 2yo. We have the 2nd row as far forward as it'll go, since we have 3 harnessed kiddos in...
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    List of convertibles with built-in lock-offs?

    I can't find a list anyplace. May not be looking hard enough. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Amazon's Roundabout 50's: DOM?

    Does anyone know the date of manufacture on these seats? Thanks!
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    Britax Highway?

    I called Britax for some measurements on the RA-50 and they recommended that I look into their Highway (also listed as Highway 65). I did an online search and it appears that the only place it's available is, which doesn't do free returns if it doesn't fit. Anyone have...
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    Occasional use: BubbleBum or a new carseat?

    So, here's the scenario: My husband's car is an '09 Subaru Forester. The kids aren't in it much other than when he takes them skiing, which is once or twice a week during the winter. We had Radian - Roundabout 40 - Radian in there, all FF. Usually a 5yo and 7yo (51 lb, 48") in the Radians...
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    Clek? Does it puzzle?

    So, Clek is a totally new line for me. Do they puzzle with anything? Play nicely with Radians? They claim to have a 13" wide seat base. If wedged in between 2 Radians, would any Clek sit up and above them, or would it fight them for space? TIA for any info! Still trying to fit 3 across...
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    Need suggestions: 3-across in back seat of 2009 Honda Pilot (2 Radians)

    Hi there! We currently have 3 across the very back: Radian-Roundabout 40-Radian. The RA puzzles nicely over the Radians. The RA will expire in the fall so we will need to replace it. We have more Radians but can't fit 3 of them across the back. The kids sitting back there are 5, 3 and 7...
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    RF Coccoro install in 2010 Subaru Outback?

    Who has done this? Any problems or is it a good fit? Thanks!

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