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    black corroco cover $30

    Black Corroco cover $30 free shipping. there is a little tear at the buckle area.
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    For Sale Ju-Ju-Be Be All Diaper Bag, Marvelous Mums - $50

    I have a like new Ju-Ju-Be Be All Diaper Bag, Marvelous Mums - $50. I think you can see the pictures on my craigslist posting:
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    CCO for sale blue and or black

    Sold the blue cover. I think I'll keep the cco. I have a Combi Coccoro with a black cover, and strap covers, but no infant insert and a blue cover with strap covers and an unused infant insert. $130 for all shipped, or $110 seat with the blue, $100 seat in black. $100 for all local pick...
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    covers: cool mint CCO and Radian

    both have been sold pics to come. blue coccoro cover very good condition, if I remember correctly. $50 ppd covers for Radian primrose and the flowered blue and green one that looks cute beside the cool mint!
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    new car, now how to arrange

    I just got a new car, a Mazda CX-9 (cross-over with 3 rows, room for 2 in the way back, 60/40 middle) So how to arrange for safety, ease of use... and cuteness! I'm hoping you might have some ideas since I don't have a lot of free time to play with these. Sorry I don't have current weights and...
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    will this snug ride cover fit my safe seat

    I'd like to buy a 2004 snug ride from craigslist to use the cover (black and cream toile, love!) but I'm thinking this will not work. I think in 2004 the snug rides were the 22s and will not fit on my safeseat. Please tell me that I am wrong :) the cover looks great and it would get an...
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    easier to buckle booster next to a MR or a CCO?

    Which do you think would easier to buckle booster next to a MR or a CCO? thanks oh, the car is a 2009 Sonata
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    vivo lite $60, good deal or no?

    So from reading on here I'm thinking that a vivo might be a good choice for my skinny 6.5 year old. I happened to be at big lots today and they had one for $60. I bought it, but now I'm think that was not really a good deal. the DOM is 3/09. Should I return it? (I hope they take returns.)...
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    most comfortable booster?

    DD is 6.5 and has outgrown her radian so will be going to a booster full time. We have a couple turboboosters, but they seem a little hard to me. Are the other ones more comfy? I'm looking at the Recaro ProBooster High Back, Parkway or the Monterey. She is a skinny mini, is the monterey...
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    there is an XTSL back on

    go get it! edit: wow! gone, nevermind edit #2: no wait it is there. website acting wonky $120
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    leaving the hospital in a CCO?

    Has anyone taken their baby home in a convertible? Does the hospital want to see the baby in it? Would you carry the CCO in? I was not planning to get the stroller frame to go with it. thanks
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    how is this for my long term plan?

    OK, maybe I have been thinking about this too much, but what do you think of my plan? in 2012 I will have a 0yo, 5yo, 7yo; I already have a 2007RN, 2007Regent, 2010RN, a couple of high back Turboboosters. Planning to buy a Frontier and a CCO. I'm leaning towards the CCO because DH hates the...
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    Does BRU still let you take a seat out to your car

    I think I read that they wouldn't let someone, or maybe it is just if you are lucky. I'm thinking about trying out a Frontier to see if it would fit in a 3 across.
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    it is too early to be thinking about this, but

    I know I shouldn't be thinking about this, but I can't help it! My first OB visit isn't until the 12, but where will I put the new baby that should be coming in the end of December? Next January I should have a newborn, a 5 year old and a 7 year old (girls are on the skinny and small side, but...
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    Prentis MyRide $90

    I saw this on slickdeals, thought you might be interested: has the Graco My Ride 65 [] (MyRide65) Convertible Carseat, Prentis Design, on sale for $100 this week. You can use the 10% off code: TCA27BAR (shared by dark_fenix here ) to save an extra $10! The car seat...

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