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    FS Combi Corocco CCO Cherry Pie Cover, and Strawberry Infant Insert

    Cherry Pie has never been used, took off seat when I purchased and used a different one. A child wrote in one place with a highlighter and looks like it may have brushed against something in mudroom storage on top of infant insert. (I'm being super picky) $30 plus shipping. Strawberry Shake...
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    Help me arrange 5 in Suburban...saying goodbye to the minivan

    Just purchased 2017 Suburban, switching from our 2015 Ody. I'm a little apprehensive after 3 Ody and 2 Siennas over past 10 years, but we are busting at the seams whenever we go anywhere and with big kids sports and equipment this became best option. Let's take a moment to mourn the loss of...
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    Travel help! ASAP!!

    I haven't been on for a while, it's been a while six months since I purchased a new seat! 😊 What's the name of that travel harness? Can it be used in rental cars or only on airplanes? Any great deals, places to rent, or used ones? Pros, cons! Packing a booster in our carry on for older daughter...
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    Quick help needed! Sienna- Nautilus vs Pioneer vs Prosport, see full thread for all ?

    Leaving for vacation tomorrow and realized today that oldest DD has outgrown her Boulevard. Eek. Really wanted a prosport but even with one day shipping from amazon it won't arrive in time and no one local has them! Maybe I'll check swap boards for used one in KC! :) She is pretty good in a...
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    Britax B-agile Double, sales? And KeyFit compatibility?

    Stroller shopping as a gift for a family member. Space is an issue as they live in an apartment so stroller will most likely be in trunk most of the time, but they need to use trunk too! I am leaning towards the B-agile double over the City Mini because it doesn't have the bar across the back...
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    2014 Ody vs Sienna, would I regret going from Honda to Toyota line?

    So I have driven an Odyssey for the past almost 6 years, I had a Sienna a couple years before that. We lease, I LOVE my van. My current is a 2011 and the wider middle row that fits pretty much any combo 3 across is amazing!! That said, because we do lease and plan to continue to do so, bottom...
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    Recaro Midnight Desert color?

    I have a Vivo in this pattern and want a convertible to match ;) ...has it been discontinued? Not seeing it on the newer seats? or renamed maybe?? I only need it for a year or so, so have been watching swap even and haven't seen one. Thanks!!
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    Question Which infant adapter do I need for older BOB Duallie?

    Title says it all, an amazon link would be great!
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    When are you comfortable with high back booster DAILY use?

    I have a tall (almost) 8 year old. He is 63 pounds without clothing. He outgrew all our harnessed seats about 18 months ago. (Radian, Frontier). I am 5'4" and he is up to my chin, the kid has done major growing this year. The Vivo is becoming too tight across the shoulders, he is quite broad...
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    What would you pay for a used double BOB?

    Approx. 4 years old. Good used condition. Recently "tuned" up.
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    Checking Interest: Radian XTSL Flora

    Considering saying good bye to our Radian XTSL in Flora DOM 11/2009, all pads and rf boot. Have to check a few more installs in DH's car to make sure we don't "need" it to make our 3 across work. Would be mainly interested in trades... Blvd in Zebra (top choice) Possibly Recaro - the one that...
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    Question 2013 Honda CR-V vs Crosstour. Compatible seats? Three across? Other input?

    Almost time for DH to lease new commuter car, usually go with Accord but we live outside of town now and there are mornings in the winter where the AWD option would be helpful! Considering Crosstour and CR-V...3 kiddos. Lots of seats. (Britax convertibles, XTSL, CCO, multiple boosters, etc)...
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    Anyone have Maclaren Globetrotter?

    I have a Volo and love it, ordered Globetrotter for recline...not sure I love it, but it's growing on me...can't keep them both so need to make a decision!
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    In Search Of Casually ISO Marathon 70 Cowmoo Cover

    Willing to trade a brand new complete Onyx set or buy outright! Thanks!
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    Question Need input ASAP! 2008 Acadia and Radian XTSL

    RN XTSL is FF. Must be installed on captains chair and FF. No other option. LATCH installation. Headrests are non removable, I've tried on my own and dealer says they aren't as well. It is interfering with install. When seat back is completely upright I can fit my entire arm between car seat...

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