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    For Sale FS: Coach, Vera Bradley Purses & Wallets

    All are in very good to excellent condition with minimal use, one owner, smoke-free environment. All prices include shipping unless you live somewhere funky, then we'll work out shipping cost separately. ;) Coach silver signature soho flap hobo shoulder bag. Medium sized, about 13" in length...
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    Foonf or FR90? Help me decide...

    I recently turned DS2 (3 and a half) FF in his RXT after realizing his AA was toast and what was initially supposed to be a temporary FF is going to be a permanent flip. And that calls for a new car seat. ;) I always said when we went FF fulltime, I'd get a foonf (because I did NOT like it...
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    For Sale FS: NWT Boba Air Carrier

    Brand new with tags. Black. SOLD $55 includes shipping. Sent from my iPhone using Car-Seat.Org
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    Radian in back seat of Fiat 500 (pics)

    Just in case anyone ever wondered what a Radian might look like in the back seat of an itty bitty Fiat 500 -- here ya go! :-p It installed very, very easily w/ SL. Tethering was also simple. Whole process took about 3 minutes. Sent from my iPhone using Car-Seat.Org
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    Opinions/experience with 2012/2013 Ford Fiesta or Nissan Versa?

    Pros/cons? ANYTHING?:) ETA: We are looking at these for a 3rd car, only to be used as a "commuter" for DS1's training and, in a few years, to pass on to him. The only car seat that would need to go in the back seat is a backless booster (either an Olli/Ozzi or BubbleBum). MPG is most...
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    Question Suggestions for "safe", reliable (used) commuter car?

    Title mostly says it all. The travel required for DS1's training is putting a ton of mileage on our vehicles and we are considering purchasing a "beater" car to use instead. Reliable, "safe", high MPG, $7k budget. Suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Car-Seat.Org
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    I'm itchy. Itchy for a new car seat. What's new?

    I've been a little out-of-the-loop for the last few months, but things have mellowed out until Feb, so I'm starting to itch for a new seat. I had spent all summer and fall sure it was going to be foonf, but given my eh-eh feelings with the prototype (rear-facing) back in May and now being in...
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    ISO: Hallmark Jingle Stuffed Dog

    Just the stuffed dog. DS2 finally found a stuffed animal he likes and of course we lost it somewhere in Target today. :(
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    For Sale: Coach, Vera Bradley Stuff

    Coach Soho Signature buckle flap khaki purse. Excellent condition. $40 PPD. *SOLD* Coach sateen orange tote. Gently used, still in good condition, lots of life left. Some lip gloss stains inside (see picture). $30 plus shipping. *SOLD* Vera Bradley Purple Punch Zip Around Wallet. Excellent...
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    ISO: Girlie Clek Jacket

    Title says it all. Can't find any online at the moment...
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    Cosco Voyager?

    My in-laws are visiting and brought their other granddaughter with them. They flew down and rented a vehicle a booster through Hertz for her. She's outgrown the booster, but I can't find any information online about it. The stick has a DOM of 4/28/2011; Cosco Voyager. Anyone know anything?!
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    Almost 8 year old in Graco Size4Me 70.

    Technically, she still fits, though she was VERY uncomfortable and "squished everywhere", especially in the crotch (the crotch buckle was on the inner slot). She will be 8 next week, 49.5" (more torso than legs) and 59 lbs. Shoulders are pretty much even with last harness slot.
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    I need a favor from a CCO owner...

    ...since I am no longer a CCO owner.:p I need a measurement, in inches, across the middle (side to side) of the bottom of the base-y area.
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    Well, that sucks. Just heard from Kiddy...

    ...and, apparently, the demo KWPs they were promised didn't come in shipment and are therefore unavailable. Bummer.:( But, just for the record, there IS a tech discount and it's 20% off MSRP + shipping. I live local to the warehouse, so I should still be able to go take a peek hands-on...
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    Britax Chaperone Stroller

    Anyone have one? What are your thoughts? It would be used rarely (he hates strollers) for DS2, who is 2. I'm looking for a fullsize stroller w/ child, parent tray, and large, easy-to-get-to basket for DS1's soccer games and this seems to fit what I'm looking for. And the Cowmoo one is only...

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