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    Question Why does the seatbelt keep locking on our monterey?

    My seven year old is in a Diono Monterey. The seatbelt kept locking on him so I removed the high back portion. Now he can buckle it easily. Is this a known issue with the Monterey? We do not have the same problem with the parkway sgl but I buckle that one for my 5 year old.
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    Question Booster fit check

    This is my son in a Monterey. Need a booster for booster training in our secondary car.
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    When to start booster training?

    DS2 is turning 5 in a couple of weeks. He currently rides in a Frontier in our primary car and a Roundabout in our secondary car. His shoulders are almost to the top harness level in the Roundabout. Would you wait until he outgrows the Roundabout or start booster training him now? If you'd...
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    Frontier as Booster - Questions

    I converted DS's Frontier to a booster and am not that pleased with it. The seat belt is sticky, it is very hard to buckle the seatbelt because the Frontier is so high and the fit seems to be off compared to his Monterey (especially on top of his thighs). We also have an evenflo amp booster...
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    Need to order travel seat for 6 yo

    I am travelling to the Caribbean with the kids. I am taking a Maestro for DS2 and was planning to order a seat for DS1 (6) and have it shipped directly to my mom's house. We don't go there ofter so I will likely bring it back with me so we can use it as a back-up. Any ideas? At home, he...
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    When would you be comfortable letting your child ride in a booster full time?

    My older DS is 6 (48 inches tall and 48 pounds) and he is currently riding in a Frontier 85 in my car (harnessed) and a new Diono Monterey in DH's car which is only used locally (he has been booster training for about 6 months - Diono just replaced the Monterey and the new one has the new belt...
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    Which Diono Monterrey Seats have the redesigned belt guide?

    I have a 2/12 one and the seat belt was falling out of the belt guide. Called Diono and they sent me a 6/12 one but the belt guides look exactly the same to me.
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    Why can't I see my thread under new posts?

    I have not been here in some time and I posted a thread about my monterey before the year end. For some reason, I have to go to my user profile to find it as it does not show in new posts for me. Anyone know why this is happening? ETA: It's happening with this one too! Is there something...
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    How do I loosen LATCH straps on my Diono Monterey?

    I have read the directions and cannot for the life of me figure this out and the seat will not budge. Any tips? The directions mention a cam lock lever but I cannot even get to it since the seat is installed a bit too well I guess!
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    Where can I find pictures showing a proper booster fit?

    Just trying to educate myself here since I am a booster newbie. Thanks.
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    Need HBB Recs

    I am going to get a HBB for DS1 who is 5 and 1/2 years old for DH's car. He currently rides in a Frontier 85 in my car and a Maestro in DH's. He will now be riding on occasion with a new sitter and I decided to give her the Maestro and get a good HBB for DH's car (a 2004 MB sedan). Any...
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    Britax Frontier 85 - When do I have to switch to seatbealt install?

    At 40 pounds? I have a 38 pound 4 yo in a Frontier 85 in a 2005 BMW X5.
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    Should I replace my Radian XTSL?

    I have a Radian XTSL for my 2 yo. It is installed with a seatbelt. However, I am now really uncomfortable using this seat given the company's appalling response regarding the LATCH loosening complaints. In addition to that, I have always hated the harness. I always find it extremly difficult...
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    First Years Indigo

    I wanted to share this find: The First Years Indigo Stroller: Baby It is a reasonably priced reversible stroller that can also be used as a stroller frame. It has a very smooth ride as far as non-AT strollers...

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