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    Boys & girls clothes size 4 5 6

    I have a bunch of boys 4t clothes & 5t pajamas. I also have girls size 5 & 6 clothes. I will post pictures shortly! If you are interested in a bunch I will make you a better deal, just pm me! Prices do not include shipping. Boys 4t, top pic $15 all Boys 4/5, bottom pic $10 all Boys 5T...
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    ISO: girls size 10-11 shoes

    I have these two size 10 $8 plus shipping each I also have some 11's I will take pics of shortly
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    In Search Of Bubblebum

    I am looking for two bubblebums. Colors don't matter & it doesn't matter if they are expired or nearing expiration either. They won't be used on roads, they are for off road use in our jeep only :). They are the only boosters that will fit in the 26 inch back seat!
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    In Search Of Kids size 11 converse

    I am looking for kids size 11 converse, prefer low top, but might be interested in high tops. Would love to buy multiple pairs if anyone has a bunch they are selling. I am needing boys & girls since both kids now wear the same size. I already have light pink & gray :)
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    In Search Of Gymboree Tractor underwear 2/3

    DS is obsessed with tractors & he NEEDS tractor 'panties' as he calls them. I have searched ebay & a bunch of Gymboree's & cannot find any. He needs a 2/3t & I don't care if they are used or not.
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    What would you do?

    Ok, I know what the official answer is to this, but I want the parental answer. DH's truck rolled out if our driveway across the dirt road & ran threw a fence. It took out two wooden poles & a metal gate. It wasn't going fast, but it's a one ton & had a trailer attached to it. It broke his...
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    Price Check Evenflo Triumph Advance 65

    Trying to figure out a price for my Evenflo Triumph Advance 65 in Oh! The DOM is 1/2012. Everything is in EUC. I'm wanting to sell it to fund a new combination seat that will fit in DH's extended cab truck.
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    Bubblebum on zulily Purple & Black Bubblebum on Zulily for $27.99
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    BRU trade in

    Just got the flyer for the BRU trade-in. It is Jan 18th- Feb 10th. If you don't have a trade in, you can still get 15% off certain brands. Inside the front cover I found this : Really BRU & Britax?! That baby doesn't even look 1 yet & she's FF with inches & inches above her head!
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    Graco Headwise?

    I found this on the target site & this & this Looks...
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    Zebra cosco zahari collection

    Was looking at & I hadn't saw this mentioned here yet. They have a zebra scenera, high back booster, low back booster, travel system, play yard & high chair. It is really adorable! I wish they would have had this 3 years ago! Travel system ...
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    Black Friday Nautilus

    If anyone is needing a Nautilus in Breakers, on black Friday at BRU/ TRU they will be $119. I think that is the cheapest I have seen a nautilus anywhere. Here is the ad.
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    Cute Ponchos at Walmart

    Was just browsing Wal-Mart's online specials & found these adorable ponchos for $12!!!
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    Kids Embrace Batman seat

    Has anyone saw this yet? It is pretty awesome looking compared to creepy Dora & spongebob. Plus the cape can be used as a blanket after the child is buckled. They also raised the top harness height to 17.5". There is a picture of it on their Facebook page.
  15. lovemy2kidstw

    When did your kids outgrow New Gen Britax convertibles

    All of these other 'when did your kid outgrow ____ seat' got me to wondering. When did your kid outgrow the new generation Britax convertibles? DS is 23 mo & is only has 2 clicks left for FF. He is right at the click he is on now, so it will need to be moved pretty soon.

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