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    Needing comfy seays for extensive travel...

    This summer, the children and I are travelling alot. We are buying a travel trailer and just exploring :) Wanting to get them comfy seats for travel days. Current seats are: Kamille, 9 HB Evenflo big kid (she has no room in this, unless we go backless) Lexi, 7 HB evenflo big kid (maybe 1/2 inch...
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    In Search Of Leapfrog Magnet sets, American girl books, maybe more

    I am looking for a word whammer, farm, car wash, jungle animals and any other similar magnet sets for both home and work. Also need american girl books, i think for molly and felicity, but try me on others. Would love boxed sets as they are for christmas. Thanks in advance.
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    Vent Never heard this one before..

    One of my parents friends has 10 month old twins. She posted about their checkup and weights, one was 24 lbs. I casually mentioned that is was time for her to get a new seat, and she said she had seat limit of the infant seat and it was not safe. She hasnt responded yet :( I would loan her...
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    For Sale Ju Ju Be BeTween

    Drip Drops. Pictures available if interest. Good used condition, has not been washed. $45 ppd? No Change Pad.
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    In Search Of diono angle adjuster

    Checking here because i have ready paypal. Need one so Rayne can get out of her snugride 30, she hates the radian reclined so hoping angle adjuster helps. Thanks!
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    Best seat for preemies?

    I am out of the loop. What are the most recommended seats for preemies right now?
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    For Sale Classic Marathon covers

    I hate to do this, but another classic Marathon is not in our future. Price includes shipping in the US and paypal fees. I will post pictures if there is enough interest. Zebra with pads, in very good condition. $45 Fido without pads, there is a little bit of tearing on one of the shoulder...
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    Mice got into my storage :(

    Rayne had been riding in a classic marathon with a zebra cover before the move,but when we rearranged to help move in the van, we switched her back to the snug ride 30 for a few weeks. DH put our 2 marathons in the storage building.i was in there the other day, and little shreds of padding and...
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    good stroller that folds compactly?

    I am getting tired of the stroller taking half the storage space in my van, and we only use it 3x or so a week right now (Rayne walks anytime it is practical) so mainly it will be used for trips to the zoo (but may use wagon for that since we pack a cooler with lunch) and shopping in smaller...
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    Headwise 70

    Those that have it, how is it? At this point, I am planning on getting one in the fall for Rayne. Hoping for a cover with no brown by then. My 2 marathons expire this year, but we are using the zebra cover as long as we can ;) Plus I figured there have been so many advances in car seats lately...
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    In Search Of Cute Boyish cover for Snugride 30

    I offered my infant seat to SIL and had planned to buy one of spam's covers, but I have discovered they wont fit. So I need a boy cover. Sent from my VS920 4G using Car-Seat.Org
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    seat for someone elses kid

    We have a friend who doesnt drive. She was just granted visitation with her 5 year old son. She hadnt seen him in over a year because dad wouldnt let her and lawyers wanted money up front that she didnt have. DH and I will be driving her to pick him up and drop him off from visitation. (probably...
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    In Search Of lets go or other turbo booster cover

    I will be transporting our friends little boy for visitation and would like a boy cover for my turbo for him. I dont really know the boy covers too well so try me. I know i liked the lets go pattdrn.
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    checking interest....graco snugride 30

    I am thinking $100 shipped, or make an offer. I cant link from phone, it is the Zoey pattern from Buy Buy Baby. 8/12/2011 DOM, 7 year expiration. May be able to trade for a good ERF seat but mostly ISO paypal at this time. Sent from my VS920 4G using Car-Seat.Org
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    Installing RF seat in a school bus

    My dad has a school bus, (bought for boy scouts-he is also a bus driver for the public schools) and he is going to be driving us on field trips for girl scouts. I am just wondering how I can safely transport Rayne in it. She is not going on our first trip, but would like to have a solution in...

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