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    How to get a 2013 Toyota Sienna 8 passenger to work with 5 kids?

    I have 5 kids: 7 yrs old 50lb, 50in 6 yrs old 85 lbs, 48 in 4 1/2 yrs old 35lbs ? in 2 1/2 yr old 28lbs ? in 10 month old 18 lbs ? in I cannot get their car seats to work in any configuration! We have various seats and for the last year they have been "rigged". How can I make it work or what...
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    Seat belts not supposed to lock?

    We have a 2013 Toyota sienna and we have 5 carseats in it. We use the seatbelt a to install and they keep loosening. That never happened with our 2005Toyota sienna, 2005 Chevy impala or my 200? Subaru impreza( when only had 1 child 7 years ago). We took it into the dealer and they said the...
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    Radian r120, r100 or another rxt?

    I need to get another Radian and I was wondering if I should get another rxt (I hate the head wings always sliding down on my 6 yr old) or get a r120 or r100 instead. It will be for my 6,3 or 18m old. Not sure yet. Right now my 6 yr old is using the rxt but I might switch him to a harmony...
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    Any narrow 5 pt harness boosters that go past 70lbs?

    my original plan isn't going to work and neither is my back up play for 5 car seats fitting in my van. So I am wondering what a good narrow harness booster is that goes past 70 lbs? Or a tall and narrow harness booster that works for a 49+inch 40 lb almost 7 yr old boy? I currently have...
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    WHich booster? Graco TBw/ SS or Britax parkway SG?

    I will be getting ds a HBB to try out since he will be turning 7 this summer. He will need to go full time in it in the fall or winter. I was looking at the graco turbo booster with safety surround and it fit him nicely too. Is that a good seat? What about the britax parkway SG ( don't...
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    Which britax seat?

    Should I get the marathon classic from Target, the advocate or pavilion? It's for My 17 m old dd that is around 33in and 21lbs. The marathon is the cheapest at $139.98 at target on clearance and it was manufactured in Jan of this year. Thanks :).
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    Is RF safer when in a crash from the back?

    I have always pushed to RF our kids until seat limits and did successfully with my first 2 kids. Ds RF until 3.5 and 35lbs and dd 2.5 and 35lbs. I didn't know of any higher weight limit seats back then. Dd#3 came along and dh insisted on switching her seat ff at 2 and only 25ish lbs. She is...
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    18in sitting height? best seat?

    I keep trying to figure out the best options but either the seats don't fit or I just have no idea if it's a good option. My ds is 6 yrs old around 49in(maybe more), 40 lbs and his torso length sitting is 18 in. He is in a frontier 85 right now but we need to switch up all the car seats when...
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    Is my seat expired?

    I am having total mommy brain and can't figure it out. I have a britax marathon with the manufacture date of 1/30/07. Thanks:)
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    5 carseats still haven't figured it out.

    I will start a new thread since my others are back a ways. I hope that is ok. I have a 2013 Toyota sienna LE 8 passenger and I need to fit 5 carseats in it when the new baby comes in June. the new baby and ydd will be rear facing. Dh wants me to get it all figured out now and buy new seats...
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    Anything like the Britax Frontier but more narrow?

    I love our Britax frontiers but I need a combination seat that is a little more narrow. I need to fit 3 across in my 3rd row and I bought a Radian (actually 3) but my 5 and 6 yr olds don't fit right in them. I need another option. My 3yr old loves the radian and is using it now. I really love...
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    We bought a 2013 toyota sienna 8 pass and need carseat help

    Our 2005 Toyota Sienna needed too many repairs so we bought a 2013 Toyota Sienna8 seater last night. I noticed it seemed smaller but was assured we can fit 5 carseats in it. Well we tried a few combinations and it hasn't worked. Also there is only 1 latch in back instead of 2 like the 2005...
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    5 kids 6 and under in Toyota Sienna question

    Hi all, I have searched and searched to find the answer but either I suck at searching(most likely) or answer isn't here. I just joined so I could ask questions and search better. Here's my problem: I need to fit 5 seats into my Toyota sienna 2005 7 passenger LE. Ds 6yr 41lbs and 46in*in...

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