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    Pioneer vs. Frontier - PSA :)

    I accumulated 3 Pioneers from Nov. 2012 (when they were pretty new to the market) through March 2016. Once installed they're great but installing those seats w/seatbelt was the biggest pain I've encountered as a CPST. I would borderline abuse them in order to get an appropriate installation. It...
  2. laurengt

    Question Booster w/narrow footprint

    We have a 2007 Impala that I need a booster for. It will sit outboard passenger side and is for a 7 year old who is 50" and 60 pounds. I prefer a HBB because he isn't great at sitting up when he's on a backless. Buckling the seatbelt is the problem for us. It is almost impossible to buckle...
  3. laurengt

    FF seat to puzzle with Primo Viaggio

    There are a couple of issues in the situation I'm faced with tonight. I'm just going to lay it out and you tell me what you would do. - Child is 35lbs, 39", and just about to be 4 years old. Mom is shopping for a FF seat. -Vehicle is a 2000 RAV4 (no LATCH; overlapping seat belt behind...
  4. laurengt

    Question Narrow booster for 3 across in Chevy Equinox?

    I've got a mom with twins on the way and a 7 year old. She has a 2012 Equinox and the twins will be in Snugride30s and the big kid has been in a Harmony backless booster. The booster will not fit between the snugrides, so she needs a new booster. Any suggestions for a tiny booster to fit in...
  5. laurengt

    Question WWYD? Re: Britax Pioneer or booster

    Here's the situation: My son is 6 years old, 55 pounds, and about 48-49 inches tall. He currently rides harnessed in Britax Pioneers (one has a DOM in late 2012 and one in early 2013). He has about 1 to 1 1/2" to go before his shoulders are too high for the harness. I was planning to start...
  6. laurengt

    Question Car seat for cousin in Italy

    My cousin is in the Navy stationed in Italy. His dad wants to buy them a car seat and asked me for help. I know little about European seat regulations other than that they are more strict than ours and generally seats are not interchangeable. I'm open to any info in this topic as I'm totally at...
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    Question Boosters making legs tingle?

    My friend has a 50 lb 5 yo in a high back turbo booster. He complains of "tingly legs" after having been in the car. Anyone else have this issue? Thoughts on whether a different booster might help? Removing back? I've never run into this so any info/tips/tricks are welcomed. Thanks!
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    Question 03 Forrester + myride 65

    I've never done an install in a Subaru but have read posts over the years talking about how they can be tricky. Tomorrow I'm doing an install in a 2003 Subaru Forrester of a rear facing my ride 65. Just wondering if anyone had any nuggets of information I should be armed with going into it...
  9. laurengt

    WWYD? re: Harness strap covers

    I know that aftermarket covers are not approved. That said, I am contemplating making a thin cover to go around the straps on our Maestro -- like, just a single layer of jersey or maybe bamboo velour. My son doesn't ride in that seat often but he is really picky and complains EVERY. TIME. he...
  10. laurengt

    lap-shoulder belts :o(

    I've always hated doing installs with lap-shoulder belts (generally speaking) but at 34 weeks pregnant I literally broke a sweat installing a Maestro in my dad's car last night. We needed it outboard since the dog was riding next to DS so lap-shoulder was my only option. It probably took me...
  11. laurengt

    Keyfit clearance score

    I scored a KF30 + an extra base for about $165 today at the BRU clearance and trade in! I've been hanging onto a Radian that was in a rear-end crash since August 2010 and traded it in for a seat for our LO arriving in April. That gave me 25% off the seat that was already on clearance for...
  12. laurengt

    Which bucket should I choose?

    I'm torn on which bucket to get and now that the BRU trade in event is upon us, I need to make a decision. My three contenders are the SnugRide30/35 (whichever has a pattern I like more), SnugRide Click Connect 40, and the Chicco Keyfit. I am having a LO in April and would love to get through...
  13. laurengt

    6 yo no booster?

    I have a friend who occasionally has need to have a full van in her sienna. The middle seat, middle row has a weird small seat that her 6 1/2 yo 5 steps well in. No seats, harnessed or booster, fit in that seat. Laws aside, how would you feel about letting him sit there?
  14. laurengt

    Booster in Sienna ?

    A friend called me today inquiring about a booster that will fit in the middle row, middle seat of her Sienna (I believe its a 2012 but may be a 2011). She is at a loss as to what to do because even the bubble bum does not fit in that space. Her other seats are Radians and turboboosters. Her...
  15. laurengt

    FF Radian, gap between CR and seat??

    I have a 2010 SK Radian XTSL. I'm trying to install FF in an 07 Impala w/fixed head rests. There is a gap of well over an inch between the CR and the seat. Any tips? Tricks? What is Diono/SKJP's stance on the gap? (can't find that on the Internet or here either -- not a good day for me and my...

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