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    40" standing height limits for RFing

    This is my guy at 42 inches, just for pics. He's FF now and he's still got miles above his head at 46 inches.
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    Question about the Titan 65 two pack from Child Source

    They really haven't been bad. The list recent ones we've received are a black/grey combo and a tan/spiral design combo. We've gotten about fie or six different designs since January, we we've ordered nearly 800 or more. (The first shipment in January were the ones previously mentioned. The...
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    Evenflo Sureride for Newborns?

    My 4lb preemie doll in a SureRide.
  4. kelkel2090

    Question I need help

    Can anybody linke to post about the fire/police who wouldn't let an older child leave rear facing. I'm doing a tech meeting today and wanted to share.
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    Pictures of a sureride

  6. kelkel2090

    More SureRide pics

    Realized I never posted this one. My son. Wears size 7 husky jeans and size 7-8 tops.
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    Pictures of a sureride

  8. kelkel2090

    More SureRide pics

    Did you shorten the crotch strap by routing it through the outer slot? It makes that strap so perfect for littles. I can't really tell, but unless the manual is studied you wouldn't think of it. It seriously makes that strap about 1 1/2 inches long. ETA: pics
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    Evenflo SureRide - No RF height limit.

    Updated- Disregard the info in this post. Evenflo still uses the 40jnch standing height. FB info was incorrect. Thanks! I Facebooked Evenflo today and they said that I could continue to use the SureRide until the one inch rule, disregarding the 40inch RF limit. Just FYI!
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    Love the SureRide!

    There is actually four. There is three really low ones (my 3 1/2 yo is on the third) and then there is three higher up slots for a total of six. The lowest of the three high slots can be used either or. I'll attach a pic. He's on the third of the six slots RF. he has tons of growing room before...
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    Love the SureRide!

    Here is my 33ish lb, 38 inch son. His boots make it look there is less leg room then there is. Without them, he can comfortably sit cross cross.
  12. kelkel2090

    Newborn in Sureride!

    We're a couple of events into using the Sureride and so far I'm loving it! We had a noob yesterday. The fit was AMAZING. Better than the BabyTrend she primarily uses. The straps were far below her shoulders, and there was zero gap to fill in the crotch buckle. Here's pics with moms permission.
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    SureRide 65 - 3 YO RF

    Took some time to check out the SureRide 65 RF with my guy. He's 3y6m, 37 inches tall, 35ish lbs. he's on the last of the three RF only slots, but had the RF/FF spot still way above his shoulders. He says he's super comfy and wants to keep using this seat. Lol. He calls it Zebra. :)
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    Evenflo SureRide/Titan 65

    This is our new program seat. The thing is crazy big, but even fits tiny babies. Im pretty amazed. The first and second photo is my 34 lbs, 3.5 year old. The straps are on the last RF slot. Obviously he's got plenty of room to grow height wise, he will definitely get to 40lbs RF with tons of...

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