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    When did Combi change Coccoro?

    In regards to the weight limit on the infant insert more specifically? The review on the blog is incorrect with the weight limit, unless it's a typo all the way through the manual and on the insert itself. It's now labeled as mandatory under 25 pounds. I just got my daughter's seat delivered...
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    Got to finally try my SnugRide CC 40. :)

    So far the seat isn't too shabby. The harness snugness is a little tricky to properly tighten on a little baby, but I'm assuming that is due to how small she is. At discharge she was just over 6 pounds, and is only 17 inches long. She fits beautifully in the seat, so I'm really happy with the...
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    Help! Will the XRT cover fit an XTSL!?

    My DS2 just had a massive vomiting accident in the car today. I'm about to order new parts, because he completely covered his harness and buckle and it was very acidic. Sorry, I know it's gross! :( I added a thread in the swap for a replacement cover, but it's pending approval. I want to say...
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    In Search Of ISO - Radian XT/XTSL cover

    My little man just had a horrific vomiting accident all over his seat. I don't think I'm even gonna try to salvage the cover. Looking for shadow or nitro. ETA: I have a replacement from Diono on the way so it's no longer super desperation, but I would still like to get my hands on a nitro...
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    Question When did Graco stop..

    When did Graco stop producing the black/blue plastic molded SnugRides? I know I haven't seen them sold in stores in YEARS, and I don't even remember seeing them when I bought my ODS's first SnugRide.
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    Any pictures of newbies and toddlers..

    In the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 40 yet? I haven't seen any, but I may not be looking that hard. I decided it was time to destroy my KeyFit30 since it was so close to expiration. I got our newbie's new seat today. I'm tempted to put my 2 year old in it just to see how he fits. :>
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    Talk to me about the Chicco KeyFit Strada

    I've gotta start my hunt for a dedicated booster for my 5 year old. I will be playing car seat roulette soon. Possibly as early as next month, so I need to stop procrastinating! It will only be used part time, and then for car pooling to school next school year. Any experience of how this...
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    Experience with SnugRide 40?

    I did a seat check with one last night, and I must say I am impressed! We have been considering it for our new baby due in April. With that said, does anyone have some real life experience with the seat yet? The install was nice with a seat belt and LATCH, and according to pictures, it really...
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    Question 5 y/o in GN in HBB mode. Questioning the lap belt fit.

    I'm a CPST, so I know the dangers of an improper lap belt placement. I'm genuinely confused by this fit. The shoulder belt fit is perfect, but the lap belt has me questioning it. His seated torso height is extremely short, and is only 14" from floor to shoulder. Could that be playing tricks...
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    Holy cow, I won a 2011 LATCH Manual!

    I'm not sure if anyone saw the contest that National CPS Certification was doing on Facebook or not, but they recently held a contest to win a 2011 LATCH Manual! We had to upload pictures of ourselves stating we were CPSTs, and I won! I was so excited when I posted my picture, because I got my...
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    My CPST course starts tomorrow!!

    Any tips that may help me through the course? I've been crazy about child passenger safety for about 4 years now, so I feel like I may have an advantage. But just to be certain, any CPSTs have any tips? :) Update! Well tomorrow it will be official!! I've passed all 3 written tests and...
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    Which seats to take with us?

    In just under a month we are going on our very first Amtrak trip! We're super excited, but I think our 4 year old is the most excited! Now, suggestions. Which seats should we bring? I've all ready did some research, so I know the seats won't be used on the train due to no seat belts, so that...
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    Question 2010 Dodge RAM top tether anchor ?

    I am confused about the top tether anchor in our new truck. We previously had a 2006 so it's not that different. I know that I must route the tether strap through the loop and attach the hook to the center (or right if installed in the middle) anchor. In the manual to the truck it says to...
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    TrueFit with a suspected small newbie

    Yes, I'm a newbie, but a long time reader. I usually just stay on babycenter (I'm the creator of the ERF group there! yay). We're expecting our second child in February, and for the life of me I can't find any really good pictures of newborns in TrueFits. I'm thinking about the Premiere...

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