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    Motorhome Renovation and Car Seat

    I don't know a safe way to travel in a motor home. My husband and I have a class C and we consider it a 2 person vehicle. Also, we know it will not do well in a crash. Please watch crash test videos of RVs.
  2. Judi

    2003 Dodge Ram 1500 2 car seats

    2003 is the next body style up from mine. There is a key, but it is iffy if that would work for the middle seat. What seats? Age/weight of children?
  3. Judi

    1998 Dodge Ram top tethers

    These pics are taken with the seat almost folded all the way. This is straight down from the center lap belt. Not realize that other dealers may install differently. Excuse the mess. This is our farm truck.
  4. Judi

    Salem, Oregon 2016 car seat clinic flyer

    Please share!
  5. Judi

    2015 Honda Odyssey radian 3 across, back row

    Just got home from helping parents with a 3 across. They were having trouble getting the center one tight. When I got there, the ob seats were in with LA, the center was in with the seat belt. All were tethered. I tried a lot of stuff, to get that center tight. The buckle stalk was forward of...
  6. Judi

    Graco charging for turbo booster screws?

    I just tried ordering some, to get ready for my next clinic, and they are $1!!!
  7. Judi

    I have my harveys medium grey and white polka dot tote on ebay!

    Go bid! Locals, no shipping.
  8. Judi

    Good morning from Alburquerque!

    Let the fun begin! ;) We have actually been here since Sunday. Been checking out the town. Today starts KIM!
  9. Judi

    Naked Oobr

    I finally got around to stripping an Oobr. It was not too hard to take apart. I have yet to get the headrest off though. Here is the back of the seat back. What you see under that. Showing the headrest in the highest position. The cover is off, and there is foam. Feels like firm...
  10. Judi

    For Sale Keens

    I think they are size 7. Asking $25 shipped.
  11. Judi

    For Sale Boulevard covers

    I have two covers. Regular BLVD and BLVD click safe. Regular BLVD, $30 SHIPPED, OBO. Other, $45 SHIPPED, OBO.
  12. Judi

    Coastal Radian cover.

    Cover only. Starting it at $55 shipped.
  13. Judi

    Funkiness in the 2014 Toyota Highlander How many people would actually catch this?
  14. Judi

    Foonf + 2013 VW Jetta

    RFing. It fits, will my hubby and friend sitting in the front, which means I would fit as well. As always, shown in the highest position. FFing. We took the headrest off, to make the seat fit better.
  15. Judi

    A couple random auto show pics + transporting a Foonf

    I bought these nice wheels at Costco, and them got these big twisty ties. Just one twisty around did the trick! I took this up and down the escalators over and over, and also a walk from the Rose Garden to The Convention center, over lots of Max tracks. And my helpers. Bob handed my the ARB...

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