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    Clavicle fx

    The oobr worked ok on the shortest setting for the quick trip to the doctor. It didn't hurt him anyway. Tomorrow we'll try the foonf, as we will have the normal school run schedules as well as doctor.
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    Clavicle fx

    Fresh clavicle fracture on 4 year old (30 lbs, 36") without adequate pain meds, what do you do? Loose straps going over arm or only one strap over shoulder or booster?
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    Question Bypass Oobr belt guides?

    Is it okay to bypass the Clek Oobr shoulder belt guide if the belt angle is bad and it won't pull out or retract properly and the belt fit on the child is good without?
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    Local Oobr trade?

    DS2 really wants a monkey Oobr with yellow on it (older rainbow Julius pattern?). He has a milk n' cookies Oobr to trade. Local to Southern California (Anaheim).
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    Rigid LATCH and seatbelt on Foonf

    Clek stated on Facebook today that you can use both the rigid LATCH and seatbelt together when forward facing over the stated LATCH limits: "The new requirements for LATCH does not pose a safety threat for seats --it is a way to give all car manufacturers the same limit. You should check your...
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    Amazon Foonf

    Dragonfly Foonf is $389.95 on Amazon right now if you choose sold from Comfort1st with free shipping.
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    Foonf crash test results Do we have anything to compare these to?
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    Clek Oobr at Nurtured Family $149.99

    Dragonfly, Milk & Cookies, and Snowberry
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    86Y Harness?

    Where can you find a 86Y harness and the tether kit? How much does it cost? My searches aren't bringing up anything current.
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    Pria on ebay

    Just found Prias on ebay for $16.98 with free shipping BIN?! Got to be a mistake right?
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    Clek's response to 2014 LATCH issue

    They answered: clek Hi Julia-- Good question! This new rule has no impact on current seats (or seats manufactured in 2013). Foonf can safely be used forward-facing with LATCH installation up to 48 lbs or to the weight restriction listed in the vehicle’s owner’s manual, whichever is lower...
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    Olli/Ozzi covers $9.99 store has a few Olli/Ozzi covers on clearance for $9.99. Unfortunately shipping was $5, but still pretty good.
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    Checking local interest for Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix

    Is anyone local to Southern California (because shipping would be horrendous) interested or have future interest in a Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix with EasyFix base? I also have an Urbo stroller frame (frame only) with carseat connectors that could accompany it. Trying to add to DS3's Foonf Fund! :)...
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    Clek Oobr $175.99 today

    at Nurtured Family
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    For Sale Cloth diapers, etc.

    9 large DreamEze organic cotton fitted diapers - $11 each ppd Very lightly used, no stains that I can tell, snaps and elastic perfect.

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