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    Just got my recaro booster...

    And I love it! Ds isn't overly fond of it but he's just pouting since his dad lets him ride in a nbb and I insist on a hbb. But he sits much better in it than the turbo we had. Love the latch! It's so big I had to test to see if it'll go up all the way up and it does... Barely lol. Ds is 6 1/2...
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    Booster dilemma

    Now if it was up to me my son would still be in a harness but dad switched him to a lbb so I'm dealing with "I'm not a baby" comments now. So.... I am keeping the frontier 85 in the car in harness mode for now, in case of a super long trip or if he can't handle a booster. I also put our backup...
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    A good full time booster?

    We're going to start with leaving the frontier with the harness in and using the turbo as a booster training seat. Ds is an only child so there's no problem having both seats in the car at the same time. That way there's an immediately consequence if he goofs around. But once he's good with...
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    How much longer?

    His seat is on the highest settings, he's actually sitting pretty nicely here. There's times he a bit slouchy. But this is probably an accurate pic of him sitting comfortably straight. I'm not looking forward to a booster since he already loosens the harness way to much to lean forward or just...
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    Does this happen to anyone else?

    On a day to day basis, my son (ff in a frontier 85) seems to fluctuate between having less than 1/2 left in the harness to a lil more than an inch. He wears uniforms to school so it's not related to clothing differences. Makes it hard to predict when he'll outgrow it
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    Getting a bit worried...

    Ds is 6 1/2 yrs old and about 49" tall and 52 lbs. he is in a fn 85 but doesn't have that much space left, he slouches a lot so it's hard to tell. If he sits up as straight as he can he is about even with the top slots but he doesn't maintain that posture. Unfortunately he is no where near ready...
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    Britax hugs broke

    One of the britax hugs broke on my sons frontier 85 today. What do I do? I know I can contact britax for a replacement but are they mandatory? If so, what do I do in the meantime?
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    Too narrow?

    Does he look squished in his seat? Someone told me it looked too small for him but he isn't complaining about it. What do you think?
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    How much longer?

    How much until the harness is outgrown do you think? I was thinking about a year, maybe more.
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    When measuring a kid whose ff...?

    When they sit in their seat, do you make them sit as upright as they can before checking how much space they have left in the harness or do you let them sit naturally? Oh and just how dangerous is an outgrown harness? Pretty sure my ex has Ds in an outgrown nautilus.
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    Frontier 85 vs recaro performance booster?

    Which one would you prefer as a booster if money was no issue? I've got the frontier 85 right now being used as a harnessed seat for a six yr old. I also have a turbo surround as a back up. I plan on harnessing My son for awhile longer, but I am thinking ahead. Obviously the turbo will be...
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    i think i want a monteray

    ds uses a fn 85. he will be in it for awhile. im liking the monteray more and more however. unless the new probooster is less tippy ill probably go with the monteray. they fixed the guide issue so thats fine. does it need a head rest? my car does but his dads car im not sure and he will need it...
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    New probooster hypothesis...

    Does the new probooster(with cup holders and latch) look wider in the front seat area to you? It should be due to the added cup holders but I asked someone else and they disagreed. To me this added width in the front should make it less tippy... Right?
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    Big sedan?

    I'm looking for a new sedan that has as much rear legroom and truck room as possible. Good mpg is also a must. Any suggestions? We have a 2007 corolla and it's feeling cramp in rear legroom(trunk space is okay). I'm trying to convince myself that a sedan is all I need but the chevy equinox is...
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    Anyone have probooster or monteray? Some questions

    Ok so were not quite ready for a booster but I like to think ahead. I'm most interested in the probooster and monteray. This would be a seat that would be a back up though(ds main seat is a fn85) so it should be friendly to move. I would love pics of both to see them in action. I'm leaning...

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