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    No, not mine but I have a mom and dad to be coming to a clinic tomorrow to figure out carseats for there upcoming triplets. What is the best suggestion for 3 across? Anything other then RN's?
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    parkway SGL

    How do you get the cover off? I can't get the cover over the safe gaurd. Is there a trick?
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    link please

    links to new carseat stuff Is there a link where it specifically states it is illegal to sell used non compliant seats? Can someone link me to it please. ETA: here is what I found link to quote below #6 here is good and you might find some more if you need more here
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    carseat sales

    Are there any good sales on right now? I know that Walmart is having the Scenera on for $49 this weekend but are there anymore? Walmart: Scenera on for $49 Nautilus on for $120 if it's in stock. Zellers: Pink Sceneras are $30 Retro Rails TFs are $80 Evenflo Amps LBs and Graco LB Turbos are...
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    Calgary tech's

    I'm needing some contact info on a Calgary tech for a friend of mine. If one of you have time to meet with her could you please pm me your email or phone number so she can email or call you?
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    $99 Nautilus @ Superstore

    Superstore has the Nautilus in the flyer this week for $99 :eek: with a limit of one. Not sure if it is across the country but in MB it is there.
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    Marathon Bolts

    After seeing these thread about the MA's missing bolts can someone tell me how many bolts should really be in the seat? Pictures would be super great but a description would do :D
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    My sister is coming to the lower mainland tomorrow until July 18th and is in need of a carseat (anyone have an extra they would loan out?). Would you rent rent a roundabout (I think from TJ's for $25/week) or buy a Scenera? I told my mom to buy a Scenera but she doesn't like Cosco seats and...
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    3rd row tethers??

    Does the dodge journey have any tethers in the 3rd row? We just got one but I haven't had time to sit down with the manual. I know we have 3 across on the 2nd row so I'm guessing that the 3rd row won't have any.
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    Britax Highway vs. Britax Highway II

    What is the difference between these seats?
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    interviewed by the radio station

    I was just interviewed by the radio station! I do have mixed feelings about this. It got our check info out there BUT who knows what they are going to include in the interview and what they are going to cut :rolleyes: So anyone in the area can listen for me. Not sure when it will air though...
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    LISTING of Carseats Available in Canada

    Here is a New Updated list of carseats currently available in Canada. This is just a starting point, please research and try seats to see if they meet your needs. *Top Harness Slot and Harness slot info has been provided but may vary depending on the vehicle it is installed in. They are...
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    I'm in LOVE

    with the MA65! The MA's have always been one of my favorite seats. I've been using a RN for the past while and trying to love it. It wasn't bad really and it worked perfectly fine (except she was a bit low and couldn't see out the window) but it recently needed to be replaced so I got a MA65...
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    Norwegian ~Grand Prix silverline T2????

    Can anyone help with this carseat? My sister has it for her baby and she can't get it to install in her VW Polo. Can anyone help with tips? She also says in the manual that it can not be used RF for infants over 9kg. Is this true? She also wants to know if it is a good one or if you would...
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    replace with ????

    So if you could replace a Radian and a Monterey what would you replace them with? In the end I will need 1 booster and one harnessed seat (doesn't necessarily need to be a convertible rf/ff seat as she is ff). Vehicle is a 2009 Pontiac Vibe and occasionally there will need to be 3 in the...

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