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  1. Jennifer mom to my 7

    Need a deal on a frontier 85

    canyon or black will do. To match a waverly marathon 70. Help, please :love:
  2. Jennifer mom to my 7

    Can we discuss these studies again? It seems to me they are saying neck loads are still elevated, not that they are more elevated. Thoughts?
  3. Jennifer mom to my 7

    Has this ever been posted

    It is an interesting read.
  4. Jennifer mom to my 7

    Need some input please

    Smaller cars. A hundai elantra I think (with tall driver) and a PT cruiser. Seems they put babe on the driver side. He is still in the infant seat at 17 months (15 months adjusted), a safety first onboard 35 air. He is at the height limit and about 30 pounds. I think they will need a seat...
  5. Jennifer mom to my 7

    girls size 5-6 Lands end squall jacket: pink

    Any interest? Was thinking 20 dollars shipped. About 3 years old.
  6. Jennifer mom to my 7

    Another good child passenger safety article

    Focuses on rear facing to age 2.
  7. Jennifer mom to my 7

    old style parkway or monterey

    Child will be 6 in 1 week! Parkway expires in 1 year. It also is now duct taped on each side of the eps foam. Monterey may take up more room... 05 8 passenger sienna. 6 kids. rf radian xtsl regent booster 8.5 year old almost 12 year old 15 year old.
  8. Jennifer mom to my 7

    Took some pictures of my bottom 2 in some seats

    Pic heavy:D 4.5 year old, 42 inches, 40 pounds. almost 3, 39 inches, 34 pounds. boulevard ff position radian ff regent
  9. Jennifer mom to my 7

    Question Booster choices

    If I decide to keep 5.5 year old in her satin flower girl dress while driving around (NOT in the limo!) Parkway or monterey? I am thinking parkway for the lack of armrests. What do you think?
  10. Jennifer mom to my 7

    Were there ever pictures posted

    comparing a classic boulevard to a new boulevard 70 installed in the same seat of the same vehicle to check rear facing height limits? He has room in the classic boulevard, but I am wondering if he will lose room in the boulevard 70 before his brother hits 45 pounds? Children in question...
  11. Jennifer mom to my 7

    ADMIN: If you think a thread doesn't belong...

    Do you let the original poster know? Or do they just wait in limbo? I posted a thread to swap, about my craigslist post (still for sale after all) and it hasn't shown up yet. But other new threads have. Help? If it was not allowed, please let me know.
  12. Jennifer mom to my 7

    Wish me luck!

    Hudson valley area of NY. I just listed my ABC triple on craigslist. 900 bucks.
  13. Jennifer mom to my 7

    toyota sienna and complete air

    Does the complete air without the lx base install well in the toyota sienna (meaning without a pool noodle)? Or will I be better off with the lx 65?
  14. Jennifer mom to my 7

    What vehicle will fit 2 nautilus' and a keyfit across

    Asking for a friend. She is thinking of renting a 5 seat vehicle, and wants to know what might fit her seats. She doesn't want to have to rent a minivan or larger suv. She mentioned a jeep patriot or compass, a chevy malibu, or an elantra. Any others? She is in Cali.
  15. Jennifer mom to my 7

    News I wanted to welcome our newest manufacturer rep/technician

    A big welcome to Allen from Cybex!

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