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    Which CSR requires 100%....

    of the base to be on the vehicle seat? We did a CPSI meeting this week for our upcoming classes. In the new updated curriculum that us CPSI got late last year it stated 1 CSR required 100% of the base on the vehicle seat but didn't state the manufacture or seat in question. I have not seen...
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    I just want to cry...

    My sweet little (okay not little technically) 9yr old can fit in the 3rd row of my Yukon with just the seat belt. :( Of course she is super excited but I am just bummed as it's just another sign she is growing up way to fast for my liking.
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    ISO Recaro Vivo in Blush or even just the cover...

    If you have a Vivo in Blush either just the cover or the whole booster I am in the market for one. I want one with at least a 4yr life span or newer.
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    Car seat for NICU babies...

    Ladies I am needing to put together a list of car seats/infant seats for our NICU to give out as recommendations to parents. Which ones have you all found fit smaller babies the best?
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    In search of a Recaro Start

    I am in search of a Recaro Start. Please let me know if your interested in selling.
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    Old DOM's on Recaro converts?

    Those that are ordering either the Signo or Como getting seats with old DOM's? I had 2 come in today at our fitting stations with '07 DOM's that were brand new and both from different stores (1 online & 1 B&M store). One was for a newborn & other for a 8mth old and neither had been sitting...
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    Anyone hear the rumor date for the semi annual Britax sale?

    I know in years past the sales have been in Feb & Sept. I have a couple friends in need of a new convertible (babies moving out of their infant seats) and wanting the Marathon. They also would like to save a few dollars if possible. You know tight economy and all.
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    Short straps on Apex?

    I have had an Apex 65 in my garage for a few months. I finally installed it in a friends vehicle for his almost 4yr old (4 next month) that weighs 50+lbs. She was still in a 40lb EFT. She is on the top slot with some growing room but not much harness growing room. I think the harnesses will be...
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    Pet harness seatbelt ?...

    Ladies I have a question for those that have large size dogs. We love to go camping during the spring/summer time. We usually took my Tahoe so we could take our German Shepherd with us. We have a dog harness for him that allowed us to anchor to the cargo hooks. Since we now no longer have my...
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    How to get blood out of tan harness straps?

    ECKKK!!! K2 had a bloody nose this afternoon on the way home from school. She dripped blood on her tan harness straps in 2 spots before I could get her a kleenex. Any help please? My last resort is ordering a new set of straps for her Regent but would rather not have to if I could get it out.
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    Cowmoo MA for sale...

    Cowmoo MA for sale... *SOLD* I have our last MA for sale. I will have to get pictures of it once it's all dressed (just washed the cover and they are hanging to dry). The DOM is 3/13/07. This was a back up seat and only used for about 1yr and even then was only used once a week. It has black...
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    My new ride Pontiac G8 GT

    Well dh picked up my new car last night. We traded in my beloved '05 Chevy Tahoe Z71 for a new '09 Pontiac G8 GT. We went Monday night to test the Regents in it and they installed SBP w/recline bar like a dream even with the fixed headrests. The headrests compress a bunch to allow a good solid...
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    Pontiac G8

    Has anyone had the opportunity to install a car seat in the new G8? Dh is still trying to make up his mind on what vehicle he wants to buy me/himself. Like I said before this will be my vehicle for about 2yrs before it's his. He wants something sporty but still family friendly. We don't want 2...
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    For Sale Girl shopping cart/high chair cover

    Girl shopping cart/high chair cover- UPDATE: Pic added I have an adorable custom shopping cart/high chair cover for sale. It's reversible one side has adorable watermelons with a green back ground & the other is solid black. It comes with a matching little pillow. The only problem is the...
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    For Sale Britax Express Parkway cover

    I have a Express (black/grey with yellow piping) Parkway cover. This came off our backup PW several years ago. It was on it maybe 6mths but this seat isn't used often. It's in excellent condition. I am asking $25 shipped for it.

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