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    Question Cadillac (or Bentley) of combination seats?

    I Will be in the market for two new combination seats soon. The plan is that my squish will move out of her Pipa and into the foonfs we have my DS riding in right now. DS will be *hopefully* 5 at the time, so I'd like to keep him harnessed and then boostered when he is ready. He has ran 80%ile...
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    Question Why rigid latch?

    Can someone school me on why rigid latch is the gold standard, and in some cases considered "safer" than flexible latch in terms of side-impact crashes (aside from the standard "easier to install")? I remember reading this somewhere, but can't remember where- bonus points if you can link an...
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    Question Poll: infant bucket SIP

    I am purchasing a new infant seat for our girl coming in September. I have it narrowed down to the Nuna Pipa or the Aton Q. Each has it's own advantages: size for the aton and dream drape for the pipa. The both have the load leg. So it comes down to a battle of the side impact protection. In...
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    Question Aton 2/Q and BT Snap n Go SX

    Hi there! Is there anyone out there who can confirm that this combination does work? I've seen it on a couple message boards out there, but I thought SURELY someone here would know! Thanks!
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    Question Need a measurement on the Nuna Pipa please

    Does someone have the front to back measurement of the nuna pipa? I played with the aton 2 tonight, and need to know if the pipa will fit behind my passenger seat and still keep it usable. Thanks!
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    Question If you got a choice of these infant seats for free, which would you pick and why?

    Aton Q vs Nuna Pipa Our new squishy is joining us and will be riding outboard. Originally I was sold on the Q, but I just realized the isofix is for overseas only, and will be regular latch in the US. I've seen crash test data on side impact with isofix (although I didn't save it on my...
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    Question If money was no object...

    We are tentatively due in September with a squish (after 3 losses, I emphasize the word tentatively). It has been 4 years since we've had a squish. He rode in a graco snug ride 35 that we pulled him out of at 3 months because it was so heavy. He also rode center position in the back. Now he...
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    Renting a cares harness

    I recently saw a post where someone recommended renting a cares harness for an infrequent (very rare) flyer. I scratched my head a bit, and thought I'd ask: is renting a harness as bad as renting a car seat? We will be flying to FL and back. The last time we flew was 6 years ago. DS is 3 and...
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    Combination seats--Trip to Disney

    Whats the highly recommended combo seat around here? I'm looking to get one for a trip to Disney via plane and shuttle/bus. I'm looking for lightweight, less than $150, easy to carry, and useable one DS outgrows his foonf at 65 pounds (but that one is not a necessity). I figured a harnessed...
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    Help with a plan? SPAM PLEASE :)

    I have a 3 year 4 month old in February traveling 3 hours in a plane to Disney with 7 others. We are not frequent fliers, and I'm not sure how to work it all. I own 2 foonfs, which I would prefer not to take due to size and weight. I have a my ride, but I've heard they are not allowed I...
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    Question Benefits of 3yo vs 4yo rf in a foonf

    I own two foonfs. The one in DHs car is ff. the one in my car is rf. DS is three in 3 weeks. My car is the primary vehicle, with DH car being a just in case car. Can someone explain the benefits of keeping him rf till 4 in our main vehicle, or is it ok to flip at 3? I know size doesn't matter...
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    Question 2y9m outgrew MyRide- what's next?

    DS (36 lbs, 38 inches, 2y9m) outgrew his MyRide rf yesterday in DHs car by height (only a 1/2 inch left, he hasn't ridden in it for 2 months!). He rides in it occasionally, my car is DSs main car, where he still rf in a foonf. Is there an inexpensive option that is taller than a MyRide, or is...
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    I did it!

    . Gotta delete. The kids are searching for more info- which is GREAT- but I can't have connections with a username. Thanks!
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    Question Over-tightening on install?

    I've seen this written twice now, and hope someone can explain this to me- how does one have too tight of a car seat install? FWIW, I have a foonf seatbelt installed and it doesn't budge, so how does one tell if their seat is too tightly installed?
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    Seat belt installs...

    So, in light of the new latch requirements, I saw it suggested that a seat belt install thread be opened for questions, but I didn't see one yet, so I guess I'm first! Yay! Ok, so I have a foonf, which has VERY difficult to use belt Lockoffs under the seat, and a 2004 Pontiac, which does NOT...

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