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    Older kids

    Hi- it has been a couple of years since I last posted and I need your advice again. My eleven year old is about 55-56 inches and 75 pounds. She does not pass the five step test in our cars. She rides in a backless turbo booster in our cars or a bubble bum on trips. We are in a stand off due to...
  2. hillary116

    booster choices

    I posted yesterday after an accident, and now need to replace three booster seats. I drive a 2011 Odyssey. The big kids are 9 yo, about 48-50" and 55 pounds. They definitely still need boosters, but what I cannot decide is if I should buy dedicated no back boosters or get high backs again. They...
  3. hillary116

    ok to keep?

    Hi- We were rear ended today in our Honda Odyssey. Our two high back turboboosters and nautilus (in high back booster mode) were occupied. Our whole rear bumper and reflector lights will need replacing, but that seems to be it. The car that hit us was barely driveable. Since the kids only had...
  4. hillary116

    seatbelt problems

    Almost a year since I visited here... We moved the twins into turboboosters full time in December. After four months in the boosters, we STILL cannot get the seatbelts to retract normally or uncrinkle after having them belted into harnessed seats for seven years. So each time we get into the...
  5. hillary116

    RF vent?

    J 3 yrs, 8 months, and 36 inches, 30 pounds. She currently rides RF in My Rides, installed in our cars and my mom's car. Lots of room to grow still. It is now a daily complaint from my mom and DH that getting her into and out of the car is too much trouble, and "besides, her legs looked...
  6. hillary116

    turbo boosters

    which one do your kids find the most comfortable? is the elite worth the $? i need a boy print, and a girl print.
  7. hillary116

    parkway sg/skl

    Does anyone love their parkway sg/sgl? Is the slide guard overkill? I am looking at them vs turboboosters for H & B. If you like turbos, is the elite worth the extra $? Thanks!
  8. hillary116

    ff marathons on plane

    my friend is taking 14 hour flight with her husband, a 4 yo and 18 mo. both kids are FF. the kids have marathons, buying a travel seat is not an option. i know installing the marathons can be difficult on a plane, so can someone tell me the tricks? she was initially going to check the seats, but...
  9. hillary116

    ERF to my husband

    talking about ERF with DH tonight...he thought it stood for Extreme Rear Facing :D At least he gets the idea!
  10. hillary116

    Crysler T & C/Dodge Caravan

    If a FF seat (GN) is in a captain's chair in the middle row, can the captain's chair still be tilted forward (not folded down) to allow people to get into the third row?
  11. hillary116

    scenera or another my ride?

    J is just out growing her CS RF, at age 2 1/2, 28 pounds 35 inches. I have 2 MR for our cars but now I also need to replace the seat in grandma's car. She is in that car usually one day a week, anywhere from 10-40 minutes at a time, each way. I tried her in a Scenera today (Big Lots $45) and...
  12. hillary116

    ff my ride?

    has anyone used the MR forward facing yet? how do the kids like it? we are no where near turning J around yet, but when i have to replace the CS, i was trying to think of what i may want. she is about 35 inches, 28 pounds (clothed etc) so the CS does not go much longer. we love the MR rf. so...
  13. hillary116

    video camera help

    i need quick advice on buying a video camera- B & H's 5th birthday party is this weekend and we want to by a good camera to film it :D. ideas in the price range from $150 to $300 would be good. so what do you all use?
  14. hillary116

    what seat did i see?

    we were out for lunch today and there were twins in bucket seats- i could not catch the whole name of the seat rea________-fix? what caught my attention was there were no chest clips (so probably not an american seat) and the straps were held away from the infants' bodies, like maybe an inch...
  15. hillary116

    no backless boosters?

    My friend was going to get a booster for her not quite 3 yo daughter, because she wanted to give her marathon to the little brother now that he is one and can turn around ff. I gavethe family lots of info about keeping her daughter in a 5 pt, and keeping the baby rear facing. She said she...

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