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    Am I still ok?

    Haven't been here so long, I've forgotten the finer details. The law says to be in a seat until age 8 (or some height/weight requirements my kid is nowhere near). So my kid is 8. And still in a Frontier 5 point harness. And will continue to be in the 5 point harness for the foreseeable...
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    Former race car driver discovers joys of minivan Basically, he became a parent. Like many, he decided having a happy, comfortable family was worth more than the stigma. The benefits of a minivan for families over anything else were simply irrefutable.
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    Toyota seems to be having some safety problems
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    2000 Camry tether anchor retrofit question

    Anyone know the part number to the top tether anchor retrofit kit? If it exists? It comes with 3 pieces back there that look like they could be anchors, but they're made of plastic. That can't possibly be a tether anchor right? I've got the top tether hooked onto it just in case right now...
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    Why do some posts say it's posted from a phone?

    Like "posted from my iPhone" or something like that? Doesn't happen to me when I post from my iPhone. Just curious.
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    New 2011 Honda Odyssey pics are up It looks like there's tether anchors at all 6 positions. LATCH in all 3 positions in the 2nd row and prolly at least 2 LATCH positions in the 3rd row.
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    Radian XTSL: parents with older kids, how is the comfort?

    So I'm debating between the XTSL and the Frontier85. The Frontier is WIDE. DW sat in it and she pretty much fit. No worries there. However, the seat is huge. I gotta take my truck down to BRUS to see if it'll fit, but if it does, I'll prolly get the Frontier for the truck. I have to get...
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    2011 Honda Odyssey pics up

    Just the exterior Other than the side mirrors, door handles, rims, and maybe the headlights, that's basically what it's gonna look like. I think it looks better than the...
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    2011 Honda Odyssey to be revealed at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show

    Starts Feb. 12 altho the big car media companies will prolly have pics and stuff Feb. 11 or so.
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    Who's "Admin"?

    Just curious. I imagine it can't be Darren all the time. How many people have access to the "Admin" account, and if it's not a secret, who are they?
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    Feedback Score - what is it?

    My neighbors bought a stroller from a member here. Wonderful transaction. Is taht what feedback score is? If so, how do I give it?
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    What's wrong with the Eddie Bauer Summit booster?

    So I'm at BRUS killing some time and looking at the boosters. Everyone recommends either the Nautilus or Frontier. What's wrong with the Summit? I don't see too much of a diff btw it and the Nauti cept the price.
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    Question How do all the identifiers work?

    Like how do you go from a "registered user" to "cps advocate" to "senior community member" and so on? How does one get more green dots for their reps? Is there some kind of set amount? That's all I've got off the top of my head at the moment, but I'm sure there are more. I couldn't find...
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    Moderation of queue of posts from unregistered guests

    Just curious again. Just how long is that queue of posts? Or all the ones that need moderation. Sounds like it could be one monster of a job.
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    Active users list

    How is that list generated? The one on the home page that shows who's currently on. It's not by alphabetical order. Just seems so random to me. Yes, my curiosity is running wild today. :whistle:

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