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    NBB and Mazda5 question

    I have a 2012 mazda5 (with the redesigned third row belts) and I'm wondering if anyone has had luck with nbb in the 3rd row. I'm 5'1 and the shoulder belt back there doesn't quite touch my shoulder when I ride. There's a long back story but I'm wondering if it's possible for a kid (not mine...
  2. GirlFriday

    First Years Combo Info?

    Does anyone know if this seat is going to be latchable in booster mode? I"m contemplating preordering it but I'm hoping someone knows before I do.
  3. GirlFriday

    Mazda5 third row questions

    I recently purchased a 2012 Mazda5. I love it and I bought it knowing the third row could be a little difficult for forward facing installs. I had read on here about the true fit not working, it seems tight at the belt path but pulls forward when you try to tighten the harness. I was expecting...
  4. GirlFriday

    Finding TA part number

    Where would I look to find a part number to have a top tether installed in my 98 Subaru Forrester? My google skills seem to be failing. Thanks so much!
  5. GirlFriday

    Keyfit cover?

    I saw this on another forum, apparently it's ok according to the Chicco site. "Can I use any additional coverings/products in my Chicco car seat? Chicco does not allow use of any accessories, pads, or products not included with...
  6. GirlFriday

    Coccoro updates?

    I'm newly pregnant with number 2, due in June and have had my eye on a Coccoro for some time now. I remember reading on here somewhere that there were going to be some changes to the Coccoro in 2010 but I can't seem to find the thread. Does anyone know what those changes are and if the new...
  7. GirlFriday

    Uptown in a !#@#@ old Forrester

    I'm trying to install a RF Uptown, outboard in my '98 Forrester and having just spent 20 minutes sweating and cursing I thought I'd come ask for some pointers before I try again. The seat is for a 16 month old. I've tried, unsuccessfully, with a single rolled towel and am now using a pyramid...
  8. GirlFriday

    True Fit foam ripped

    I just took the cover off my True Fit to clean (according to directions, not too worry) and my son grabbed a piece of the foam, the soft foam that is glued on top of the styrofoam where the shoulder slots are, and it ripped off. It's a strip about 4 inches long and doesn't look like it was...
  9. GirlFriday

    Hug Me Joey?

    I don't post much and I'm not a tech but I just stumbled on this product. It's clearly grossly unsafe and I was wondering if any techs have had any luck contacting the maker. I assume my email won't mean much since they claim it's "crash tested" I'm referring to the foam wedge you stick...
  10. GirlFriday

    25% off True Fit

    LCSHOP25 Enjoy!
  11. GirlFriday

    Bit Lots Uptown DOM

    I'm sending my mother off to Big Lots to see if she can get her hands on the $65 Uptown (there's NO Big Lots anywhere near us) can someone who bought one tell me fairly accurately where to look for the DOM on the box. Without specific instructions she's not going to have any clue what to look...

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