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    Ped dr told parent it was okay

    to FF her 18 month old :eek: because she's 30 lbs. "She's the same size as a 2 year old." Luckily, mom has me as an audiology patient and I told her it's not about size but about bone development ("The bones in the neck are soft and flexible. . ."), so mom promised to return DD seat to rf'ing...
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    Seen this "booster?" Suspicious that there's no mention of meeting safety standards. . .
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    Question LATCH in a Sequoia

    Where are the LATCH anchors in an Sequoia ('02 or '03)? [My LATCH manual is at home and I'm not.] Checked out a co worker's seat today and discovered she didn't have the top tether installed but was using the lower anchors inthe center. On closer inspection it looks like the Latch was...
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    My 7 yr old cousin can 5 step in my car!

    Holy cow, that child has long legs! She won't be 8 until February. I have a Camry, with fairly deep seats. My nephews & niece were 9 going on 10 when they could pass. It's not a perfect pass - her feet can't quite reach the floor, but when she sits back all the way, she can bend her knees.
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    That's a new seat belt problem!

    At a check event tonight, a fellow tech was helping a parent install a seat. They buckled the seat belt, pulled on the shoulder harness to tighten and the buckle came up out of the bite of seat. The webbing had completely detached! :eek: Moved the seat to the outboard position. Same thing...
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    Question How do your older kids get in the van w/RF seatings in 2nd row?

    Question says it all. My friend's twins are rapidly outgrowing their Keyfits. Their head is even or even a bit above the Chicco "patch." [Kinda hard to believe they were preemies :love:] They are over 17lbs at 6.5 months and need 12 mon shirts or one piece because of tall torso. I was going...
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    Question Evenflo directions

    Wandered through the TRU car seat aisle and spent a few minutes looking at the Evenflo Momentum 65. [IMO, it's hard to distinguish between it and the Triumph 65.] Anyway, I hadn't seen the seat so I pulled the directions and was shocked to read among the warnings something to the effect of...
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    Super Target cut their selection

    I'm bummed. Gone is the My Ride, Nautilus, the Roundabout 50, and Chase that they had a month ago. It was strange to see at least 6 or 7 fewer seats on display. They were using the display shelf to store HB Turbos in their box. They had more choices of booster than any other category of...
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    Concrete learners and "helping" win the day

    :love: I worked a check event yesterday. A family came in with 3 kids: < 1, 2.5 and 7. They have a 4 dr sedan and it was complicated - 3 across, lap belt only, etc. etc. The car had been in a crash so the seat for 2.5 needed to be replaced. Our only choices were: Scenera or Chase. Boy was...
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    Roundabout 50

    Scouting seats at Target. They had the RA 50 and the MA side by side. Gotta say, I can't see a difference in size AT ALL! Informal harness height (elbow to fingers) appears equal, as does shell height when turned back to back (and positioned fully upright). The RA shell seems lighter and...
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    Safe Kids Widget

    I haven't had much computer time lately, but was cleaning out the email tonight and saw this: Wondering if admin/moderators have considered adding it to the site? We often mention "Safe Kids" and the info seems pretty straight forward.
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    News Wreck sends child seat flying; Infant OK

    Must be the week for babies with guardian angels. . . Had to be pretty cozy in the cab with 6 people, including two CR. . .Gotta wonder at the logic. Obviously the adults were aware of need for child restraints. A standard pick...
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    Question Can't stay logged on

    :confused: I've logged on repeatedly, but when I go to read a thread, I get booted out. I also haven't been able to open my User CP/look at the PMs. The computer I'm using has been having some issues maintaining internet connection tonight. Just wondering: is the the computer, operator...
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    Free shipping @ Land's End

    I have a coupon for free shipping / no minimum order from Land's End Promotion code: SLED PIN: 3785 This came in one of their mail order catalog. It says two (me and a friend) can use it, but I don't know if it's "linked" in any way to my account. I'm not going to use it, so I'm hoping...
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    Southwest Airline "policy"

    I'm taking a quick trip next week. Since it's been awhile (way too long!!) since I've traveled by plane, I took some time to look at their policy. Here's what I found regarding CPS / use of CR Specifically (apologies for the excess bold)...

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