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    narrow HBB suggestions for center of 2010 Subaru forrester

    I have been out of the loop for awhile on "new" seats and actually stuck with what we had for 2 years :p I need a booster for YDD that will fit center in a forester. The radian was the only harnessed seat that was narrow enough so I would like something not too much bigger as ODD still needs...
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    For Sale Nauti and radian

    Nautilus with mariposa or daisy cover, DOM 3/2009 sold Extra Nauti harness/buckle set DOM on buckle is 7/2010 ( i think if I am supposed to looking at the dial :)- ) Extra nauti cover (mariposa or daisy, whichever does not go with the nauti) sold SK radian 80SL - shadow cover DOM 11/2010 -...
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    Girls clothes!!! need to go!!!!!!!

    I have tons more, it would require taking actual pictures (I use stock pics on gymbofriends. I will try to start adding a few a night :) Just add cheapest shiping: Gap 3T $10 gymboree size 3 $8 gymbore, dress and sweater 3t, tight 2t-3t (pilling on tights) $12 BBS dress 3T- some fading to the...
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    My "I give in, not going to have another baby so stuff needs to go" sale thread

    These are a few things I held onto that I really felt I couldn't replace in case we decided to have another baby. At this point, we have decided not to, so these things have to go. Will calculate cheapest shipping but will probably include insurance at my cost as these are expensive items. I...
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    Radian RXT in plum - is $256.49 a good price?

    I looked online and with the wayfair code today and free shipping it would be $256.49 - is that the best I can get? I also need to get a parkway SGL so I'm trying to be cheap :p I can't sell any of the current seats until I get replacements, sadly, I don't have any extras anymore!
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    Best prcie on parkway sgl?

    M finally reached 41 pounds! I want to get a parkway because I want the anti-submarine clip. What is the best price since I haven't bought any new seats lately ;)- oh and prefer free shipping too as no place local carries them.
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    booster / harness argument

    Thank you! Question answered :)
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    It can be done! 80SL in middle seat of 2010 forester

    I am so darn excited!!!!!!!!! S was getting car sick so this was my only option. I had no issues with the install at all, just had to twist the buckle stalk 2 times so i wanted to post in case anyone needed to know what will install in a Subaru forester 2010 center postion! I wish I could try...
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    Quick radian install question

    Dos this look OK? Quick radian install question I just got a radian 80SL in the mail in a desperate attempt to get S in the middle of my 2010 Subaru forester due to car sickness, I had to twist the buckle stalk 2 times but it is rock solid with seat belt, top tether and safe stop - just want to...
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    2010 Subaru forester middle seat install

    I just did a search and it does not look good :( Shaelyn has suddenly not been feeling well in the car and on our recent road trip, got sick on the way there and on the way home. There is no recovering the FR85 harness so i will order another one but I think she would do much better in the...
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    8 hr car trip, TB or cybex?

    We are leaving late Friday for an 8 hour car trip. Madison could ride in the graco TB or the cybex, neither ever been used on a long trip and she will be sleeping as we are leaving late at night. I was thinking cybex originally as the head wings look "better" for sleeping but i have heard...
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    FT85 and 2010 suburu forrester

    We just bought this car a few months ago and I don't have all my "extra" seats anymore. I have not had time to try the nauti in there, just the FT85. The kids only ride in this car 2 or 3 days a week since DH takes them to school and picks them up in his car. I have reinstalled the FT85 once...
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    CPST classes/certification

    Has anyone taken a class that was not on 4 weekdays? I just emailed my local safe kids to ask if they were ever going to offer a weekend course or maybe 2 days during the week. I cannot miss 4 days in a row from work. I am just curious if it is only my area that only does 4 weekdays or not :)
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    For Sale frontier 80 pink sky cover

    SOLD! frontier 80 pink sky cover SOLD frontier 80 pink sky cover, includes belly pad and strap covers. Has been washed and hung to dry. No stains and mesh is in really good condition. Maybe a tiny bit of fuzszing if you look really close. $40 shipped OBO
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    For Sale Extra seats for sale! frontier, radian XTSL, safeguard

    Safeguard child seat: It has the tan cover, original box, manual and DVD I believe - I am on the east coast and it is a heavy seat so I am not sure how much shipping will be - Has been in my car and DHs truck for about a year - but only rode in maybe 20-25 times - We don't use my car alot. DOM...

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