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  1. doriansmummy

    Expire dates

    We go on vacation on April 9th, my friend has a Keyfit I wanted to take for airplane/taxi travel. It says expires April 2014. Is it safe to use?
  2. doriansmummy

    In Search Of Keyfit or infant seat (close to expiring)

    I need a infant seat for our traveling on airplanes here in a few weeks. Anyone have a keyfit or something else that has a few months/year left on it they are willing to sell for cheap? PM me please!
  3. doriansmummy

    Anyone here crafty and has craft supplies?

    I was hoping someone here has the felt and could cut out the pieces for these for DD and I. I of course would pay.:)
  4. doriansmummy

    Best seat for 6 month old that is in the 90%

    My friend is needing a new seat for her 6 month old that is 20 lbs (97%) and 28.25" long (99%)! She wants to get a cocorro for space as she said with her son they were unable to put there seats back because his seat was too tall RF. Her and her husband are both tall. They drive a Jeep Liberty...
  5. doriansmummy

    For Sale or Trade Keyfit cover Fuego

    Looking to sell or trade for a different color. Try me!
  6. doriansmummy

    In Search Of Oregon peeps- looking for an expired or cheap infant seat

    We are not using an infant seat, but I would like to have one for restaurants for bebe. Anyone have a seat they are willing to let go at a bargain? :) thanks!
  7. doriansmummy

    In Search Of Beco Gemini

    Anyone have one they are done with and willing to sell? Thanks!
  8. doriansmummy

    Question Peg Perego Primo Viaggio- resale value?

    I was wondering if anyone knew how much I would possibly be able to sell a Peg Perego Primo Viaggio in Pois Grey for used? I would be buying it new in June, it would be used for maybe 6 months. Any input on what they usually go for used? Thanks!
  9. doriansmummy

    Question Chicco Nextfit- newborns?

    Anyone have any photos of a newborn in the Nextfit? I really love the Coccoro, but the Nextfit sure has a lot to offer. I do not love the colors, are they planning on bringing out different ones anytime soon? Thanks!
  10. doriansmummy

    Question Peg Perego Primo Viaggio

    I have never used/installed a Peg Perego infant seat. I am loving one of the patterns though and was hoping you all could tell me the pros/cons of this seat. It would be installed in a 2002 Mazda MPV, which has no latch. Thanks!
  11. doriansmummy

    Chicco Keyfit pattern?

    I saw a Chicco Keyfit at the store today witha cute pattern. It had like green bubbles connecting to each other, if that makes an sense. It had a slate grey background. I looked all over online and can not find it? It said Chicco on the visor so I am sure it was a Chicco over. Anyone?
  12. doriansmummy

    In Search Of Chicco Keyfit

    I do not need this until like May, so if you will have one ready to leave in the next few months let me know! Does not need a new date, but I would like the cover in very good-excellent condition. Please post photos and price. Thank you!:love:
  13. doriansmummy

    Not using an infant seat?

    I am on the fence and I am trying to figure out what to do, I am hoping some outside thoughts will help.:p I am either looking at getting a Coccoro or an infant seat for bebe due in July. I am thinking I may just use the Coccoro from the start instead of using an infant seat. I am wondering how...

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