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    Seats with easiest covers to remove

    FD almost 6 months has severe reflux. We are constantly having to wash the cover on her keyfit. I would like to move her to a convertible soon but need something that has an extremely easy cover to remove and wash. From what I remember with DD (who's 7), her MyRide was a simple one piece...
  2. djma

    Baby girl blankets

    I am looking for baby girl blankets. Not receiving blankets, but the thicker blankets. The best example I can give is this link from Gymboree and Carters...
  3. djma

    In Search Of Roundabout Isabella cover only

    Looking for a Britax Roundabout Isabella cover.
  4. djma

    KF30 harness question

    I bought a trusted friend's KF30 for us to use for fostering. No accidents, trust the history, they bought new, only used for 1 year with their daughter. I got it home today to clean it and apparently the harness got a slight bend/beginning of a twist near the buckle and they never fixed it...
  5. djma

    In Search Of ISO GN Keyfit Cover

    I don't know much about Keyfit covers (whether they're interchangeable based on weight models), but I need a gender neutral cover. ETA - no orange please Can't spend a ton. TIA
  6. djma

    Best booster for 3 across in an Accord

    Best HBB (latchable a plus but not mandatory) for a 3 across in an Accord sedan. TIA
  7. djma

    In Search Of Boyish or Gender neutral MyRide Cover

    Not looking to spend a ton as it is for a friend. She needs a boyish or gender-neutral cover for a MyRide. TIA
  8. djma

    Travel system recommendations

    My cousin is expecting her first baby in November. She is asking me for recommendations. I haven't had an infant in 5 years. Is the Urbini Omni a good one? I know the basic graco ones. Anything to keep her away from (aside from rear adjust)?
  9. djma

    In Search Of Gardengate Pioneer Cover

    I think that's what it is called. I have the red/black cover to trade or I can buy outright. Not able to spend a ton. Shipping to 30052. Thanks!
  10. djma

    Another - should it be replaced - thread...

    DS2 went home with a friend today. Friend's mom rear ended someone. Said it did hardly anything to her front end; and jammed the person's trunk, but otherwise no damage. They were both stopped, light turned green, they all started moving, the guy in front of her stopped, she stepped on the...
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    Question Would you turn a 5 yo RF for a 6.5 hour trip?

    DD is 5 years 1 month. 32-33 lbs dressed. Would you turn your child (if that age/size) RF for a 6.5 hour trip? Seat would be a SureRide. ETA I am aware that she is perfectly safe FF, I am just looking to see if anyone would. Don't need statistics or data, just looking for personal opinions.
  12. djma

    For Sale or Trade AMC Movie GC

    Would like to trade my $25 AMC movie giftcard - preferably for a Long Horn/Red Lobster giftcard. ~ or will sell for $20
  13. djma

    Nautilus $95 - Local only (Gwinnett Cty, Georgia)

    DOM 10/2013 Bethany cover Used off and on since around March. No strap covers. Cover is drying. Once I put it back together, I'll post a pic. I am in zip 30052. Willing to meet within a decent distance. Smoke free and pet free home. :)
  14. djma

    FR85 cover on a FR80??

    I tried searching the forum, but couldn't find it. Will a FR85 cover fit a FR80? I realize the FR85 is taller, but I would ASSume that it would only make a noticeable difference if DD was on the bottom slots, which she's not. My only concern is the seating area. IMO the FR80 is wider with...
  15. djma

    In Search Of Girls brown sandals size 9 (toddler)

    Looking for DD some brown sandals. Toddler size 9. Thanks!

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