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    Caravan Rental with 7 people

    We will be renting a van in January and I want to plan for us getting a caravan as the rental. We will have 3 adults, a 100 lb 5'9" teen, an average sized 12 year old using the regular seat, an 8 year old with a backless booster (cosco topside or mifold), and 3 year old (forward or rearfacing)...
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    Seat foam- which seat is it from?

    Does anyone recognize this piece of foam and what seat it goes to? Maybe my frontier 90 CT or Graco e2f or possibly the BLVD CT? I found it in our storage unit and it's bugging me which seat might be missing a piece.
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    For Sale Toddler Baby carriers Lillebaby and Tula

    NWT Lillebaby Carryon Air, blue and aqua, tried on once but baby is too small. $120 shipped NWT Toddler Tula Mystic Wave, tried on once, again baby is too small. $150 shipped. Both carriers should fit kiddos that wear at least 2T pants. Message me with any questions. Both are cross posted...
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    Applecheeks size 1 microterry bundle, new, parade print

    My guy was too big for this when we got it. It's new in package. We love our size 2 applecheeks. $22 shipped?
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    90's era suburbans

    I met with someone today to sell my frontier and she has a suburban but didn't know the year- possibly 91, possibly 97? What years in the 90's are able to be retrofitted and what positions? And are there any parts out there? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Combi Shuttle 35

    Any interest in a Combi Shuttle 35? I believe it was manufactured in 2013, so it should be good until 2020. Used for 8 months, no crashes, straps haven't been washed. Comes with the original red cover, canopy, strap covers, and insert. I can also include a green cover and canopy- this cover...
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    So excited - new booster!

    We got a sapphire blue Recaro Performance booster yesterday! I finally gave in and grabbed one from last week when they were on sale for $105 (and after red card and a $25 gift card for spending $150, it was a steal!!) I really wanted a latched booster for dd in my car- our old...
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    Talking ads?

    Last night, one of the side by side ads at the top of my screen, started talking. It startled me, as I was sitting in a quiet house and wasn't expecting it, since I've never had an ad with noise from CSO. It was a nationwide ad and I use firefox. Any possibility that you can request silent ads?
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    Advanced airbags- I need all the info!

    My da has a 2012 Chevy Colorado with advanced airbags. As my kids get bigger, we are having issues with the airbags coming on when they sit in the front, which is now the only option as they are outgrowing the highback oobr in the back and there are no head restraints back there. So- ds1...
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    Arrange my van/car and help me decide what to get rid of

    I picked up an online return Boulevard CT today for a steal at Target. Woot! So, I need to figure out how to arrange my 08 8 passenger Sienna and 12 Mazda5. This should be fun... Seats- Frontier 90- 2023 Frontier 85- 2021 Foonf- 2020 True fit- 2017 Nextfit- 2022 Roundabout 50- 2017 Shuttle-...
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    Maclaren Volo (and likely lots of other gear) deals on Amazon

    I got a Maclaren Volo in black (only color sold by Amazon) for $88 today on Amazon. They are running 2 coupon codes right now- 15OFFBABY takes 15% off on select items and MRPAW2HF6V takes 15% off certain items sold by amazon when buying 1 or more. They stacked for me bringing the black volo...
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    RFing True fit and Mazda 5 third row

    Before I move seats all over the place, does it work with enough room in the second row for a booster kid or a kid recently 5 stepping? Baby is still under 22 pound and may fit without the headrest.
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    New Bravado Nursing Bra 38 B/C

    I have a new, in package, just tried on, Bravado elegant embrace nursing bra for sale. Retails for $49, looking to get $35 ppd.
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    In Search Of ISO- classic roundabout or marathon

    I'd love to get my hands on a classic roundabout or marathon for ds3. My kids have made it to around age 3 rearfacing in them, so I'd like as close to 3 years left on it as possible. More is even better. I'm located in the Portland, OR area, so even better if someone in this area has one they...
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    Harmony defender tether question

    How does the harmony defender get away with requiring the use of the tether at all times in the US? I thought all seats had to pass testing without the tether and seats could only require them past a certain weight- like the frontier is past 65 lbs. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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