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    One Seat - Two Kids?

    I need a seat for occasional use by a RFing 2 year old and a FFing 4 year old. I only want to buy one seat. Is there something they could share pretty easily? Since I won't be using it much, I'd rather not spend a fortune.
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    CCO LATCH Oddity

    My LATCH belt is odd. I am very used to the push on connectors (Britax and Chicco). Usually, the little print writing is towards the car seat and the word Safeguard faces out towards the vehicle. With the LATCH strap completely untwisted, one Safeguard is in and one is out. So on the left side...
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    CCO and Odyssey

    Okay, I know this cute little seat must work in the Odyssey (4th gen). I got my butt kicked by that little seat last night. I have heard that it doesn't work at all in the 2nd row middle. However, it must work in a captain's chair. The seats just seem so slippery that when I get a good...
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    Love to hear from Odyssey owners

    I am looking for a new vehicle. I have owned and loved the same vehicle for over ten years. However, it is a five seater and after adding baby number four, I need something new. I had it narrowed down to several SUVs when the Odyssey was mentioned. Monkey wrench :( I played with and drove...
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    Great Deal - Snowberry Foonf $322.xx at Amazon

    The snowberry Foonf is on sale for $379. There is also a 15% off code - 15baby15 that brings the final total to $322 and some change (if you are in a no tax state). I thought that was one heck of a deal. Don't forget to use the link to support the forums.
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    Classic Marathon max age

    Pretend you have a skinny 40lb otherwise typical child. How old before the seat is outgrown by height? My DD was out by 4 1/2 or 5. Anyone made it longer to 5 1/2 or 6 and beyond?
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    Please tell me there is no way...

    Thanks for the input Good to know
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    Love my kids, hate my car

    Thank goodness that I have more time because I haven't come up with a good arrangement yet. We are adding to our family in December and we barely have enough room in the car. Someone please tell me that I missed thinking of something. Stats 6yo - 52lbs 4.5 yo - 46lbs 14mo - 20lbs NB We...
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    Completely Destroyed Expired Seats (Pic Heavy)

    I had two recently expired seats that I needed to dismantle...err...destroy. We own an excavating company so I decided to have a bit of fun. This is a Britax Decathlon and a Chicco Keyfit vs. a Caterpillar D5 Dozer. Enjoy!! Before: This is the Decathlon going under the track and then...
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    Where is the line?

    It seems like people replace their seats after every little tiny thing. I mean like bumping up against a post or tapping another car in a parking lot. Does anyone else think it is complete overkill? Seriously, slamming on my brakes hard at highway speeds and NOT hitting anything probably...
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    Shortest infant seat front to back

    We have a Keyfit 22 right now. It doesn't quite fit in the 3rd row of our Explorer. Is there any other seat that might have a wee bit shorter shell? ETA: We typically move to a convertible once baby can sit up so we really don't need an infant seat that can fit a 2 year old :)
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    What is your favorite booster?

    If you were choosing a booster seat for full time use, which one would you choose and why? Poll to follow
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    Booster Seat

    I want to start watching for sales to pick up a booster for my oldest DD. She will turn 5 this summer and is around 45lbs/44" tall. She is harnessed in a FN85 in our main vehicle (99% of the time) and we don't plan to change that any time soon. She has a bit of growing room left in the...
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    It doesn't work and I am in pain

    Finally had a nice day to try my 3 across. I have a 2003 Kia Sorento. What a major bummer!! It doesn't work. I didn't really think it would but I was hoping for a miracle. I wanted to use a FF Marathon, FF Marathon and a Keyfit 22. It actually fits with room to spare but I can't get the...
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    S/O What is extending harnessing?

    Poll to follow Extended rearfacing is based off 1 and 20, right? What is extended harnessing based off? At what age are you extended instead of just harnessed?

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