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    favorite infant seat

    Friend asked me today of my favorite infant bucket seat... I don't typically use buckets so I told her I'd ask for her. Child is a very petite almost 3 month old, about 10lbs wearing nb clothes. They had been borrowing a seat from a friend until I saw that it was very very expired. Budget...
  2. Cryssy Jane

    TRADE: Britax boulevard 70 cover set

    I have a zebra cover set minus the infant pad that I'm looking to trade. No flowers, no pink or purple. Our favorites colors are red and black. New daycare baby doesn't seem to like the texture of zebra but I don't really have the funds to purchase a new cover set right now. Super adorable...
  3. Cryssy Jane

    In Search Of Iso black recaro prosport cover set.

    Not sure what going price is but monkey is in a prosport in mom's car and her cover is ripping. She'd prefer black in color. Thanks!
  4. Cryssy Jane

    Thinking ahead, who sits where

    Vehicle: Toyota Sienna 8 passenger 2006 my Has Tas in all three captains chairs in the second row and passenger and center third row. Kids: E: 4 years 5 months, 38 lbs, 14.5 inch torso ff in a Blvd70. A: 4 years 5 months, 52lbs, 16 inch torso ff in a fr90. L: 4 years 3 days, 48lbs, 15 inch...
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    any headwise/size 4 me sales?

    Looking for a family friend. Needs to buy 2. Thanks! ETA: the best we've found so far is $179 at buy buy baby and use a 20% off coupon.
  6. Cryssy Jane

    Bru coupon?

    Anyone have one? Online or printable, either works. Thanks!
  7. Cryssy Jane

    foonf me?

    Looking for photos of older/larger kiddos both rf and ff in a foonf. Comparative to a kiddo who is 40 inches tall, 43/44lbs with a 15 inch torso would be great. Please and thank you.
  8. Cryssy Jane

    pictures of kiddos in seats?

    Amie and I are working a safety fair car seat booth this weekend. Looking to put together a quick poster of various kiddos in various seats. Only photos showing proper use please as we have limited space. I need: Infant in infant car seat Infant in rf convertible Toddler (1-2) in rf...
  9. Cryssy Jane

    checking interest: Washington trade: My rxt for your blvd 70?

    Any interest in trading a rxt dom within the last year (can run back and check) for a blvd 70 (preferably an onyx cover)? My seat is a daytona cover set, full set including infant inserts. No food or drink allowed in the vehicle. If there's interest I'll post pictures and more specific...
  10. Cryssy Jane

    articles explaining dangers of seat protectors?

    A person on one of my car (vehicle) boards claims that he read that all seat protectors are allowed with all seats in all vehicles and that none of the protectors will interfere with installs. Articles proving otherwise? Person is very my way or the highway and will only believe anything if it's...
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    Pioneer 70 performance without ta?

    Anyone know? A client just got a pioneer 70 for her almost four year old to replace the seat that was in a roll over accident. She's using an older car now since the other car was nearly totaled. Older car doesn't have tas. I gave the part number and she will be having them retrofitted but...
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    best price for a britax roundabout 55 and pioneer 70?

    Looking for a client. Prefer some place that doesn't charge tax. She loves the Isabella ra55 for daughter isabella and looking for a pioneer 70 or frontier 90 depending on price preferably in onyx for luis. Thanks!
  13. Cryssy Jane

    big wreck... need new seats.

    Posting on my client's behalf. Yes, i am a tech but am curious to see what other options other in the know people would suggest. This weekend one of my clients was in a roll over accident with both kiddos. Kiddos stats: Issy, 23 months, 23/24lbs wearing 12-18 month tops, was rf in a combi...
  14. Cryssy Jane

    purple boosters?

    Thinking about buying the niece a big girl booster for her birthday (6 years around 50lbs wearing 6/7 clothes, tall and slender but does have a cute little belly). Big issue is it has to be purple. What are the options? Bday is in october so there's a bit to wait for a good deal. Graco turbo...
  15. Cryssy Jane

    In Search Of ISO britax boulevard 70 cover set

    no browns, pinks or purples, looking for sterling, onyx or the advocate zebra (black headrest). Would love if someone had a black boulevard headwing laying around with a red ma70 cover but I doubt that would happen. Looking for GN. Have a fr90 cover set in congo for trade, potentially a sophia...

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