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    Question Has anyone used an Evenflo Tribute on a plane before?

    If so, did it fit (and/or how well did it fit). Obviously they're FAA approved but someone's asked me if I think theirs will fit. I've no idea as I haven't tried a car seat in an aeroplane seat before. Anyone? TIA
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    Question What is the safest positioning for the hands of a driver on the wheel?

    I was always told 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. But have been reading a little info that suggests 9 and 3 is better if in the event of airbag deployment and your arms/hands wont be thrown up in to your face.
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    Japanese car seat law?

    What is the law in Japan? From what I have read/heard all chlidren under 6 need to be restrained. But in what type of restraint i.e. is it one that can be from another country?
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    For those who have certified since the new curriculum came in

    or just anyone who knows really. When I certified there was this really cool thing where it had these quiz questions up on the projector screen and everyone had a remote control to choose your answers. What was that system called?
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    Eek what kind of seat installs well on one of THESE vehicle seats?

    What kind of seat installs well on one of THESE vehicle seats? I've never installed a car seat on a vehicle seat like this. It looks like a nightmare! Any tips? Know any car seats (either rear, or forward) that can install on a seat like that?
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    Is there a list of FAA approved seats?

    Is there a list of FAA approved seats? If not, can you please tell me what there are? Only one I know that's FAA approved is the Cosco Scenera!
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    Using latch on a 3-in-1 used as a BPB

    I know technically you're not supposed to - right? Because it's not in the manual - right? What other good reason is there not to do this, in your opinion? Thanks!
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    Is there a good thorough review somewhere of the Safety 1st All in one?

    Is there a good thorough review somewhere of the Safety 1st All in one? I did search on here but couldn't find one. Perhaps there's a link to one on another website? Thanks :love:
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    Signature Height, Width and Size Guideline

    I thought I would start this thread in the hope that it would benefit those new to (or maybe even some exisiting members! :p). This is not targetting anyone, it's just nice to be reminded of things from time to time as we soon lose sight of things. It's lovely to see everyones...
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    Is there a good explanation on the net somewhere about why astronauts RF?

    Is there a good explanation on the net somewhere about why astronauts RF?
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    Where's that info about FF tethering and neck loads?

    Please anyone? I *KNOW* I have seen it but don't know where it is!
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    Do we have a thread here about locking seatbelts/locking clips?

    If not, perhaps I should make one? You know with ELR/ALR, locking clips, locking latchplates, sewn on latchplates, complete with pictures and everything? Maybe I should do one? I never understood it all till I did the tech class so maybe it would help someone????
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    Brio Zento Review

    Disclaimer: Please note that the Brio Zento is not certified for use in the U.S. or Canada. The reviewer is in New Zealand, where it is legal to use a Swedish seat, and we're most grateful for the in depth review. Brio Zento Review Photo courtesy of Brio New Zealand Main info...
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    Going to ask a stupid question but

    What on earth do *you* call a seat like say.. the alpha omega or something. You know, used RF, FF and as a "booster". Is it a convertible car seat, or is it a combination seat? I'm TOTALLY drawing a blank here. Or do you call it a 3-in-1?
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    Can't see certain posters signatures or avatars?

    I don't know if this is a glitch or these two certain posters disabled their avatars and signatures but Threebeans is missing and someone elses is missing. Is it just me?

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