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    So happy!

    Staying at a cousins house this week because she needed a sitter since her sitter quit. We were discussing car seats (she's a car seat crazy too) and she was talking about how her SIL was putting her 6 month old in her car seat and the straps were loose. My cousin goes "are you gonna tighten...
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    Was just watching The Pacifier (one of my favorite movies btw because of Vin Diesel and because he's cute with the kids) and the little boy, Peter, was riding in what looked like a classic Britax Marathon. HUGS were on, straps were tight, and chest clip was at armpit level! Woot! Pretty good for...
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    Recaro Como Installation HELP!

    HELP! I am trying to install a Recaro Como with LATCH in an 04 Honda Odyssey and the LATCH anchors are too narrow I guess to install RFing or FFing with LATCH. Has anyone else had this problem?? I will post pictures in a second. And the manual is very confusing (to me). When RFing, do you pull...
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    Any CPST's near Epping, NH??

    Hi, this is Jessica (crazycarseatjess)'s cousin (by marriage). My name is also Jessica and I am 13. Jess told me to go on here and gave me here user information so I could ask you guys a question. I am doing a project on Child Safety and was wondering if there were any CPST's in the area of...
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    How does your husband feel??

    Since we are all car seat crazy and most of us CPSTs, what do your significant others feel about all this new safety information and all this car seat stuff? Are they totally onboard or could they care less? My husband and I have a 10 month old son (Sawyer) and another baby boy on the way due...
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    Do you have a carseat stash??

    Lol it's okay if you do because I do too!!! What age are your kids and what seats do you have? My son is 10 1/2 months old and I am expecting another baby boy in September. Our car seat stash including the seats we use for daycare kids and my own son is: MR, MA 70, evenflo triumph, graco...
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    Check this install please!!

    This is a RFing cosco scenera. This is my friends. I dont wanna be giving her the wrong information, so I am checking with you guys first. Doesn't she need to have the boot level to the seat of the car and not the back of the cars seat like she has it? TIA!!
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    Oh My Gosh :(

    I just met my cousin for lunch today and her two year old is in a noback booster!!!! Her 10 month old is forward facing with aftermarket strap covers and twisted straps!!! Arg!! What do I do?? I asked her why her kids aren't rear facing still because my 9 1/2 month old has the same stats as...
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    Please Help!

    I didn't get enough pictures from my last posts, so I am really hoping I can get a lot from this thread. I need pictures of: Either a Graco Nautilus, Britax Advocate (Rfing, with LATCH or seatbelt), Britax Roundabout 55 (RFing, with LATCH or seatbelt), or a Britax Frontier 85 SICT in a Honda...
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    I need pictures again

    Still doing a project for one of my classes and I would like: Britax marathon 70, installed RFing with latch or belt, in any type of car A radian rxt installed RFing, 3 across with two chicco keyfit 30s... If that's possible.
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    Pictures of...

    Does anyone have any pictures of: 1. a rearfacing installation of a MyRide in a Honda Accord? 2. a picture of a rearfacing installation of a Radian RXT in a Chrysler Pacifica? If so, will you please post! I am doing a Car Seat safety project for one of the classes I am taking, and need to show...

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