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    Ju-Ju-Be BFF (Shadow Waltz)

    Any interest in a Shadow Waltz BFF? I haven't used this in more than a year and I'd like to fund a new bag. So this one needs to go rather than continuing to take up space! I bought it new from BBB when DD was born, is its one owner. It's got a little bit of wear, but still is in great shape...
  2. CommMom

    FFS NWT Ann Taylor Pants (size 12)

    EDIT: Gone! I've got a pair of navy Ann Taylor pants in a size 12 (tag says "Lindsay"). Flat front, wide leg. They still have the tags on & the pockets are sewn shut from the store still. Never been worn, really nice pants! FFS if somebody wants them.
  3. CommMom

    Midsized sedan?

    So we're to the point that we NEED to replace DH's car (02' Buick Regal) in the very near future. It's been a great car and he's gotten totally spoiled with all of the features we got on it for the price. But we've limped it along and it's getting to the place where the repair costs are getting...
  4. CommMom

    FFS: 4 nursing tanks

    I was going through some stuff today & found 4 Gillian & O'Malley nursing tanks from Target. 2 XL (1 white & 1 grey) & 2 L (light plum w/ lace edging & black w/ a grey under). (I wore them at the same time, so found all 4 to be pretty close to the same size even though they are cut slightly...
  5. CommMom

    Boys Gymboree jeans (size 4)

    I've got two pair of boys size 4 Gymboree jeans with the fabric wrapped elastic waist. They're in excellent condition (no piling on the waistbands, etc.). I bought them new in the fall and DS had a massive growth spurt not long afterward. So these got very little wear. I was thinking $25...
  6. CommMom

    For Sale or Trade Disney Infinity Power Discs

    We've got a few duplicates here (I'd assume most people who have been buying this stuff probably do too). I thought I'd see if anybody was interested in swapping (or I'd be willing to sell them). Here is our current list of duplicates: Headless Horseman's Horse Frozen Flourish King Candy's...
  7. CommMom

    Help me pick a booster

    I'm not sure I'm ready for this...but I need to start booster training DS. He's 5.5 and pretty conscious about car safety. He'll stay harnessed in our primary vehicle, but we're going to start trying a booster in DH's car (it will only be for short distances anyway). DS is pretty long in the...
  8. CommMom

    Cars: Alex Carvill

    I've got a brand new in the package Alex Carvill diecast from Disney's Cars. It's the size that's available at Target/Walmart/wherever. (Not the big size from the Disney Store.) DS already has this one, so I don't need it. I'd be happy to send it along for what I paid ($3.50) plus the cost to...
  9. CommMom

    NB sized BabyLegs (4 pair)

    I've got 4 pair of newborn sized BabyLegs that have been washed once and never worn. (DD has REALLY chubby thighs.) They are purple w/ pink elephants, white flowered, white w/ pink/purple argyle, & light green/blue/white striped. I can post pics if there is interest. From a smoke-free home. (We...
  10. CommMom

    Checking Interest: Spring/summer maternity clothes (M & L)

    Thought I'd see if there was any interest before I bothered posting pics. I've got a bunch of spring & summer maternity clothes. Jeans, capris, tops, a couple of dresses, and 2 swimsuits. Sizes are mediums & larges. Anybody interested?
  11. CommMom

    2 baby carrier questions

    First of all, does anybody have thoughts about a Boba Wrap? A local baby store is closing and has a few on sale. I'm thinking about picking one up for a friend who is adopting a newbie in a few months. Secondly, would there be any benefit in my trying to find a ring sling? DD is 4 months and...
  12. CommMom

    Fall/winter maternity wear

    I need to clear out some of these maternity clothes since we're done having babies. All of the pants are in great condition with very little wear (all were air dried each time washed as well). Prices don't include shipping. If you don't like the price, make an offer. From a smoke-free home...
  13. CommMom

    Talk to me about sedans

    DH drives an 02' Regal. He loves the car, but lately it's started to have problems. It's been to the mechanic 3x in the last 2 months (for 3 separate issues). We're hoping to baby it along until we pay off our van, but are starting to get nervous about it. So I'm starting to think about what we...
  14. CommMom

    In Search Of ISO: Cars 2 vehicles

    DS is WAY into Cars right now, so I'm looking for some of the vehicles to add to his collection. The problem is that I can't seem to find most of the ones he needs without buying big sets that have cars he already has. I'm looking for the ones that are this size...
  15. CommMom

    Help me find some stencils for preschoolers

    Any ideas where I can find some stencils for kids? At daycare, they've got these big-ish plastic stencils that DS :love:. They've got people shaped ones, etc. They're probably the size of an adult hand. The plastic is pretty thick. Only one cutout per piece. I'd like to find some of these for...

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