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    Question Kolcraft Contours really like BJCS?

    Have a BJCS after much shopping around it with the glider was the best option for me and my 3 kids with a total age spread of 3.5 yrs. My friend is expecting her third and will have approximately the same age gap (hers are 4 yrs total). She is in love with my stroller and I have been trying to...
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    Question Baby Jogger City Select in Double Mode through Airport

    Has anyone taken a BJCS in double mode through airport security and gate check? Thinking it would be a pain bc of having to take it apart to fit through X-ray machine and for gate check but maybe I'm overthinking this.
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    2 toddlers+2 car seats+pregnant mommy=?

    We are leaving for a vacation to Atlantis Resort via a charter flight, I mention this bc luggage checking is not an issue, with a 1 and 3 year old. I have 2 CCO's, 2 traveling toddler straps and a variety of strollers to choose from. We had planned to rent a double but they are all booked and...
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    Vent So sick of Britax Hype!

    I am on an expectant mom forum and of one more person puts down something like Britax is the only one to do extra testing, use foam in head rest or any other crazy claim I will loose it! How the heck did they manage to so effectively spread this propaganda? I swear Hitler would envy their PR people!
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    Way off topic: anyone ever hear of a stroller blanket from a company called manhattan kids

    I picked up a stroller blanket for $2.50 a a local thrift shop it looks like a 7 AM but it is branded Manhattan Kids and I cannot find anything on the net :-/
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    Question Combi Connection

    Totally random question but does anyone still have a Combi Connection infant car seat? I had one before and I don't think it would have expired yet but I'm not sure any more...
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    Stroller Rental @ Atlantis Resort in Bahamas

    We are bringing our 2 toddlers to Atlantis for the first time and we are bringing their CCO's on the plane but really don't feel like dragging the double BOB through the airport and on to the transit bus and all. Has anyone rented a stroller for use at the resort and could you give me any...
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    Question Looking for reccomendations for a combination seat

    I have a tiny 3 year that how is currently still able to rear face in a CCO but will be moving forward facing in June when her new sibling arrives. I will have to do some car seat shuffling and a new purchase or 2 because I have a 1 and 3 year old and am now watching a 2 year old 3-5 days...
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    rear adjust snugrides

    Every time I see a snugride lately it us a rear adjust...anyone else notice this? Before the past few weeks I had only seem one IRL now I see like one a day!
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    special needs car seat

    What agency would you contact to see about assistance getting a special needs car seat for an 85 plus pound child?
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    Question kangaroo boosters

    Anyone ever heard of these?
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    Question britax seat expired?

    My friend was using a Graco Safe Seat that only allowed forward facing from when her daughter was 10 months old but when her older daughter transitioned to a booster she turned her younger daughter rearfacing again in the older daughter marathon. I'm very happy that the younger child is rear...
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    Question Am I crazy?

    I thought I saw a post with a CCO and KWP for sale before the site went down for servicing but now I can't find it I crazy or just being ditzy and missing it?
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    Question Maxi Cosi (Dorel) Priori in small car with leather seats

    I had a thread awhile back about how I lent another mom one of my CCO's bc basically nothing worked in her 2 and 1/2 door Saturn with leather bucket seats in the rear. Well she has tried to get her own Coccoro but has not been able to save up enough but did find the Priori for $99 on...
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    News not perfect but better

    The consignment sale I worked at today actually checked ALL products including strollers and car seats for recalls and ALL car seat for expiration date. Since they did not know the dates we used the app on my andriod :-) sent from my SPH-M580 using Car-Seat.Org

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