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    G3 Marathon tethering

    Got a G3 Marathon from a trusted friend that I am planning to use as a spare seat for my grandson in my car. I'm a little out of the Britax tether loop, so I know this has probably been re-hashed a million times, but its new to me lol! I know that there was a big change, and now the RF tether...
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    Canadian Tire Roundabout? or Contender??

    Picked up one of the Roundabouts that were on sale at CT this weekend. I've been out of the carseat loop for a bit so forgive me if these are dumb questions, -the manual says to use RF with the RF anti-rebound bar - but there is no anti-rebound bar that I can see anywhere in the box etc. -Is...
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    Best convertible for SMALL extended cab CANADA

    Been a long time since I was on this site for my own kids, but I'm now a grandma to a sweet 9 month old little guy. We went to install the convertible in my son's truck this weekend and found that it specifically says it cannot be used in compact extended cab pick up trucks. Is this common...
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    For Sale CANADIAN Monterey and Clek OTO

    I am so so sad to see my last 2 seats go, but I haven't used the OTO in forever, and DS is not using the Monterey anymore, so here they are: Grey Sunshine Kids Monterey - DOM 2008/09/12 In excellent condition for it's age and still just over 2 years of life left! One small gum spot on the top...
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    $50 GAP groupon

    $50 of clothes from GAO or gapkids, babygap for $20 (I paid $25 for it) Groupon certificate that I bought back when it came up. I thought we had one across the border, but it closed, and the nearest one is over an hour away. I haven't made it yet, and the coupon expires Nov. 19, 2010...
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    Got a vehicle you can't use....

    Because it won't work with your carseats/kids? I just realized that DH old F150 has become that vehicle. It is one of the mini-extenda cabs, will seat 3 in front (but the centre is lap belt only, and no headrest) and 3 in back (but no headrests at all and centre lap belt).We don't use it...
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    Does anyone else's Monterey SQUEAK?!?

    Just wondering if anyone else has a SK Monterey that squeaks? When my DS is not riding in his, it is making a strange squeaking noise that drives me CRAZY!!!!! I think it is coming from the foam in the headrest area, but I can't seem to find a way to make it stop - HELP!!!!
  8. canadianmom2three

    CANADIAN parkway

    I posted this on my local kijiji, don't really want to ship. But just in case anyone is really in need of one.....$100 plus shipping from N7S 3B3 (have to fund my new Monterey somehow:o)...
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    Got the Nautilus for DS but he's TOO BIG

    It finally made it's way to stores here, so I sat him in it in the store. He had a good inch of room to the top slots, so I thought it would be worth a try. Got it all assembled and it installed LIKE A DREAM with the seatbelt but when I sat him in it in the car, he is just over the top slots...
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    In Search Of Long Shot.....86Y

    Anyone want to part with one?
  11. canadianmom2three

    best place (online) to order seats

    Any ideas on the best Canadian online store to order a Monterey from? I was wanting to go with TRU but all they have is the red and black, and I prefer the grey one..... It is the return policy that worries me, I am not fussy on paying return shipping if it doesn't work out, but I guess that...
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    Just turned 6, what seat?

    Our youngest just turned 6 the end of the summer. He weighs about 58lbs, tosro height 19". What would you all have him riding in if he were your son? I was thinking Monterey, but maybe waiting for the new clek is better.....HE is too big for the harnessed frontier, right? Not having him in a...
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    Damage to foam on Radian

    A few of you may remember me posting about my DS getting ahold of a little wee lego or playmobil sword and poking a bunch of holes in the foam of his Radian. I have been using the seat, but am now considering selling it. Would you all be comfortable selling/using the seat like this? I had...
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    Any rumor on the monterey???

    Anyone heard any news lately on when the monterey might possibly come to Canada? I emailed Russ, and he was non-commital....
  15. canadianmom2three

    Shamless plug

    Hope this is allowed, I just know maybe some of you don't check the carseat swap page cause its usually all US seats, but I just listed up my nwt CANADIAN Parkway there..... delete if this shouldn't be here, just thought since it is Canadian....:whistle:

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