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    High Back Booster

    I am trying to pick a booster seat for my 43" 48LB 7 year old. Deciding between the Diono Monterey, Britax Parkway, Peg-Pergo Viaggio, and the Recaro Performance Booster
  2. blackberry

    Diono carseats

    I heard that even though the Diono Rainier and Pacifica have the same specs, the pacifica will last a little longer in height. Is this true? I need a narrow seat for travel, does the wider width between the new models and the RXT make much of a difference? I don't need 3 across but there will...
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    best booster for small/average kids

    I need a booster for my parents car. Something that won't come apart when removing it from the car like the turobooster. I won't need it until this summer when DD turns 6, but want to take my time and make the right decision. I have a frontier CT and the booster fit is horrible. The...
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    ToysRus has the Frontier CT on sale for $305 but not in the cover I want (Cactus Flower). I tried to get a price match at Snugglebugz but they will only match if it's the same cover.:mad: I wish Walmart carried the Frontier, will price match if it's the same product regardless of colour...
  5. blackberry

    Frontier CT prices

    ToysRus has the Frontier CT on sale for $305 this week. is this a good price or should I hold out for a better sale. Does anyone know if Target has the CT and what covers? Target doesn't open her until November.
  6. blackberry

    Frontier CT on sale

    The Frontier CT is going on sale for $309 at ToysRus this week. Is this the best price I am going to get?
  7. blackberry

    RFing ?

    DD will be 4 in Aug. and is 33lbs and 36" but her shoulders are about an inch or more above the 4th slot on her MyRide. I know the harness is at or below for RF but how low is too low?
  8. blackberry

    Frontier85(XT) vs Frontier90(CT) Help!

    I can't decide! Anyone have pics of both side by side with kids in them? I like the price and cover options for the 85 but is it hard to install? Is the 90 more upright? How much of a pain is the harness adjuster?
  9. blackberry

    RF tethering in Canada

    Is there any new data out there for RF tethering in Canada? When I search all I can find is 2007 data.
  10. blackberry

    Myride in a Dodge Ram

    Has anyone tried the Myride in a 2007 Dodge Ram extened cab? The truck has a full bench seat but the center is shorter by a few inches. I tried a truefit and a scenera, both rf. They fit ok outboard,but the front seat has to be pushed all the way up. I know the myride will be the same, but...
  11. blackberry

    MyRide65 too much recline for FF?

    I am thinking about getting a MyRide65 as a second seat. Has anyone tried it FF?
  12. blackberry

    Can't get a tight install on my truefit

    After many months of debating between the truefit and myride65. I got the truefit and can't seem to get a tight install. I am rear facing in a Saturn Vue. I can't get the latch to tighten enough, is there something I am missing?

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