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    HBB Recommendation

    I'm shopping for a high back booster for occasional use in a 2006 Dodge Caravan. The headrest is missing from the captain's chair where the booster will be used. Wish List: * Does not require vehicle's headrest behind the booster seat. * Back of booster stays connected to seat when it is...
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    Carseat for Grandma

    DD is 30 months, 36 inches and 30 lbs. In my car, she is RF in an Advocate Clicktight. I need to get a seat for her for her grandmothers 2005 Toyota Sienna. It does not have side curtain airbags or autoretractors. Grandmother does not like Clicktight and does not want to use a locking clip. She...
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    Alternative to Advocate Clicktight

    DD needs a new seat for DH's car. She uses a Britax Advocate Clicktight in my Honda Odyssesy. The footprint of tbe clicktight is great is DH's Corolla, but the clicktight part doesn't play very nicely with his seatbelts. Which seat is going to be most similar in the amount of room it takes up...
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    Britax CT Rebound Bar

    Any update on the US release? They still aren't on the website.
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    Crash Test Question

    I saw this video on YouTube. It is of a crash dummy in a Britax Advocate. What is the white powder that comes off the head area of the dummy at the 20 second mark?
  6. bella_1818

    Britax Advocate ClickTight Harness Strap Disconnected

    We made our maiden voyage with our new Advocate Clicktight today. I had checked the harness straps at the clicktight spot after reading admin's post. It didn't occur to me to check the harness as the yoke plate. When I went to place baby in the seat, the left harness pulled all the way out of...
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    How long until Outgrown

    We already bought the replacement seat, but I'm trying to guess how much longer I can use the infant carrier before it's outgrown by height, so I can justify the cost of a shower cap style blanket or not. It's a Britax B-Safe and this is the same angle as in my vehicle. DD is 15 months old.
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    Expired & Recalled Seats on Facebook

    I sold some stuff for the first time on a local FB page. There are A LOT of expired seats for sale. Do you comment? Do you comment if your name is attached? Do I vaguely remember a member being threatened for commenting? If you comment, what do you say?
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    Britax Tether Extender

    I have an Advocate Clicktight, and it has a very short tether. I don't have warm fuzzy feelings about Swedish Tethering against the vehicle manufacture's recommendation, but the tether was too short for Australian tethering. I called Britax as per the manual to get the tether extender. This...
  10. bella_1818

    Diono AA Discontinued?

    I've spent the morning searching online and can't find one in stock anywhere. Are they discontinued? Alternately, are there any ERF seats that will RF well in a 2010 Toyota Corolla? It's our backup car and needs a seat. I was hoping to use existing Radian, but can't get it upright enough...
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    Fllo or Rainier

    Anybody want to play pro or con list? Pretty please:) It will primarily go in my 14 Odyssey for DD, who is currently 11 months old. I'm looking for a seat that will allow the longest ERF time for a long torso kid and has the smallest front to back footprint so the person in front of the car...
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    Enable my car seat misuse please

    Can I make the parental decision to use a Graco Tubro Booster belt positioning strap on a Safety 1st Boostapack? I had a Boostapack overnighted and it's missing the strap! DS is going to be gone all day Monday and transported by 3 different people. It would be so much easier for him to use...
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    Grownup sized booster anyone?

    I'm transporting DS's best friend once a week in the third row of my Honda Odyssey, and I can't fit him in a booster. He spent the night and I planned to have him ride home in our spare Frontier 90, but he didn't fit. He couldn't wedge his body into the seat. I also had an Affix, and that's...
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    New Diono Seats are on Amazon

    The new Diono seats are up for preorder on Amazon. The Glacier and Sunburst are pretty.
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    Anybody have experience with this seat? I saw one at BBB on super clearance and I was thinking about getting it for DS to use in church. He can't see over adults on the pew in front of him and the backpack straps would be handy :P I haven't seen any reviews on it as a car seat. Anyone have...

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