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    Easiest belt buckle?

    I was just diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis a few days ago. I"m thinking to the future, in 6 months, when I have to buy two new car seats. I need something I can unbuckle myself and am looking to see if anyone knows which seats have easier buckles? Before all of this, my plans were a Radian...
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    Need help picking new car seat

    I have three car seats expiring in the next year. It's time to start looking for good deals on whatever seats I decide on. Current seats in main car: Turbobooster for 7.5 yo (Expires in 9 years) Britax Frontier for 5.5 yo. (Expires in 7 years) Britax Marathon for 3 yo (Expires 2014 June)...
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    Is the Kiddy Car seat really safe?

    Does anyone have one that they use regularly? I feel like it goes against everything we've learned that a harness is best. Yet, I can see the advantages to a seat like that for an older (3+ years) child. Especially since the grandparents could use it correctly.
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    How upright can an old style Marathon be RF'ing?

    My 2 year 10 month old child wants to rear-face again and she is not longer doing dangerous things to her baby sister who is RF'ing next to her so I want to put her back Rf'ing but space is an issue front-back.
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    I finally understand the importance of seats that puzzle together!

    I got three across my 3rd row of my van with a Frontier, Marathon and Turbo Booster High Back. So I thought, I'll get out the Cosco scenera and see if it gives my son more space to buckle his seat belt in the booster. It actually left less room. Obviously the Frontier and Marathon puzzle better...
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    Are there any issues with the Radians (R100 and R120) FF?

    I see them recommended for RF, but not as much for FF. I'm considering it for my next car seat to fit in tight spaces. Thanks for any input.
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    I also have a booster vs. harness question

    After seeing the previous thread about it, it has me thinking. I have my 7.5 yo who is 45 lbs, in a Frontier right now, and my 5.5 yo who is 39.5-40 lbs in a Marathon. Should they be boostered instead? I had thought they should be harnessed until age 8 if possible. Was that the wrong conclusion...
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    which is safer?

    Latched backless booster, or non-latchable high back booster. Both fit car and child well. Child is 7.5, 45 lbs and torso of 16.25.
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    Graco Connext fit (pictures)

    This is my 7.5 year-old. Pretty skinny little guy. 48.5 inches, 45 lbs, torso of 16.25. And this is my 5.5 year-old. Don't plan to booster her, but it gives you an idea. she is 39.5 lbs, 44.5 inches and torso of 15.75 She wouldn't sit still for photos, but it actually fit her decently...
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    I got three across in my Toyota Sienna!

    Granted, one is a backless booster, but I'm still happy! 2005 Toyota Sienna 3rd row! Backless Graco Connext, Original Marathon, Frontier.
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    Is the tru fit sold by Babies R Us Different?

    It's so much cheaper than other Tru Fits and with the trade-in I could get it for close to $100, but it seems too good to be true. I love having a seat I can adjust the height of the straps without uninstalling the seat.
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    3 across, 3rd row of 2005 Toyot Sienna

    I need to get a 3 across in my Sienna by this summer (preferably sooner). I have a 7.5 year-old, 5.5 year-old and 3 year-old that will be in that seat. They are all currently harnessed. I am fine with one or even two boosters in the 3-across scenario but one would need to be a high back...
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    Booster seat with > 6 year expiration

    Do they exist? Preferably one with LATCH for a taller/thinner kid?
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    top harness slot height

    My friend has a very tall 3.5 year-old. He is in a Britax Frontier and she says he's already at the top harness height but he is not mature enough to be in a booster any time soon. He probably still has at least 6 months to go before he outgrows it. Is there any seat out there with a harness...
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    Carseat "nazis" that are uniformed

    So I just got my almost 7-year-old a no-back booster for my in-laws car to use MAYBE once per week. Put him in it, it fits fine in the car, seat belt hits his thighs not stomach, and is right on his shoulder. I posted a picture of him in it on FB and all these people come out of the woodwork...

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