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    Carseat causing back pain?

    Our youngest has always hated the car. (she has sensory issues). In the beginning we thought maybe it was her carseat (Momentum 65) so we tried a bucket. When that didn't help we went back to the Momentum. Fast forward 2 years..I've noticed she has a red mark on her spine when she gets out of...
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    Is there anything comparable to the Frontier 85 but thinner?

    We are taking a trip in May and would like to avoid flying with the Frontier. Our oldest is 6 1/2 but has trouble sitting in a booster longer than 20 minutes due to abdominal weakness caused by her GI disorder. We will be driving 4+hours once we land and need something comfortable. She's on the...
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    Quick help needed time sensitive

    I just got a call from a friend who is in a bit of a bind and needs me to pick up her kids tomorrow morning. She has a 7yo (usually travels in nbb) and an almost 3 year old (her regular seat was crashed. Mom has a new one but I don't know what it is). I have a 1 year old and a 6 year old. I...
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    Bubble bum pics

    Ali was kind enough to loan us her Bubble Bum yesterday. Took pics of DD1 in it and I am amazed how well it fits so I thought I would share!
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    Momentum 65 in 05 Sedona with center bench seat

    I got a solid install with LATCH but it is slightly tilted because the carseat footprint is kind of wide and the seat of the car is kind of indented. Just wanted to make sure its not a safety issue before driving all around
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    Help deciding on a car

    We recently found ourselves car shopping unexpectedly and my brain is mush from comparing and reading through threads. Budget is 6k or less. Needs to fit at least 2 children and a large dog kennel. Third row is appealing since myoldest is getting to carpool age. Finding myself doing the "I don't...
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    Today at my Bountiful Baskets pick up

    I saw a 16 month old RF in an AOE :love: The mom and I chatted briefly and I gave her props for having him RFing. Made my day!
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    Angle requirement Guide 65

    Does anyone know why Dorel requires a child to be 22lbs before they can use the less reclined setting? My 1yo is 20lbs and HATING the recline. I don't want to go against manual if it was something to do with safety-but if its just a CYO clause to make sure the kid has good head control it would...
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    When to replace seatbelts?

    We are finding ourselves in need of a "new" car but we are on a seriously tight budget. When is it recommended to change seatbelts, and how much does that generally cost? DH wants to consider cars as far back as the 90s/early 00's but I'm afraid of that added cost.
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    Unexpected flight- Frontier or booster? Which convertible? RF or FF?

    My dad called from CO today and wants us to come out next month on his dime. My grandparents live in the same town and haven't met either of the kids so I think we are gonna go! We were going to fly out next year, and I was planning on a bubblebum for my oldest as she will be almost seven then...
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    Is this okay? (sleeping in booster pic)

    My oldest fell asleep on the way home from the zoo. I ended up waking her because I wasn't sure if she was too slumpy. The lapbelt was fine but it just felt too slouchy to me . (DH was driving)
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    almost 7 year old travel seat?

    Would you be okay with an almost 7 year old using a bubble bum on vacation? We are flying to SC in May for a wedding. She is boostered in the spare car (Vivo) and does well. I am concerned she may be worn out and sleep in the car, and not 100% on how that would go without a back. We will also be...
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    Camp transportation

    My 6 year old is going to day camp this summer and on their last day they have a field trip. My younger sister volunteers as a counselor there and said they are transported on a small bus/van, and that they have a booster-type seat for the younger kids and the seatbelt comes "up over their...
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    This can't be right, can it?

    A friend got pulled over in our little dinky town for a burnt out tail light. I recently convinced her to turn her 19 month old (just barely 21 lbs) back to RF (yay!) The cop told her she had to turn the seat back to FF because it blocked her rear view. That can't be right, can it?
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    Vivo still compatible?

    I am just getting caught up on the whole "requiring a headrest" fiasco. Our Saturn doesn't have "headrests" per say. It kind of just has a raised part on the seat. The picture isn't the best, but you can see on the side what the 'headrest' looks like. If I move it outbound, would it be...

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