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    Have you seen this trailer...

    ...for the new show, 'playing house'? Car seat nerd-dom at its finest.
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    How is your 05-06 Mazda5 holding up?

    Title pretty much says it all. This is going to be the last year we drive the 04 T&C and I have been in love with the Mazda5 since it's release. Also, they changed the interior a bit one year. Anyone know which year? I think it had something to do with the funky seatbelts in the 3rd row?
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    Harness booster

    Which seat of THESE three would you choose? I'll be hitting up the BRU trade in event with a friend and I know she won't spend any more, no matter what I say. Her son will be 4yo this weekend and is still under the top slots in his expiring Evenflo Titan (the old 40lb version). Baby Trend...
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    For Sale Heelys...Baby Bullet

    Closet clearance! We're moving and I'm getting rid of stuff, so things may get added. I'll get actual pics up tomorrow. Black Youth Heelys - DS said they weren't comfortable, so he didn't wear them a lot. Bottoms are a little dirty but the soles aren't worn and the shoes and laces are clean...
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    Shopping for the CCO

    Where is the CCO sold? What colors does it still come in?
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    Mazda5 cargo space

    While using the 3rd row, what can you really put back there? What double stroller do you have? Have you road-tripped in it with 5+ people? Sent from my Galaxy Exhibit using Car-Seat.Org
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    In Search Of LEGO Club magazines

    Can't delete....... Nevermind!!!
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    Rolled blankets for toddlers???

    Is it still ok if they're not newborns? My 2yo is RF in a SureRide and when he falls asleep he slumps real bad. I think the only issue is that that the sides of the seat are so far away from him. He didn't do this in the CCO or the Apt. Sent from my Galaxy Exhibit using Car-Seat.Org
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    For Sale 1st gen Kindle Fire

    SOLD Purchased brand new Christmas 2011. Will do a factory reset before shipping. Original box and charger. Comes with black Marware folio case/stand. Sent from my Galaxy Exhibit using Car-Seat.Org
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    For Sale or Trade Cybex Xfix

    Brown Cybex booster with rigid LATCH. DOM 4/10, expires 4/17 $90 $85ppd Feel free to make me an offer! Um....i took the pic right side up from the app...not sure what happened. Sent from my Galaxy Exhibit using Car-Seat.Org
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    In Search Of RSTV (small)

    Title says it all. New or old style, doesn't matter as long as it isn't pink!!!
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    Orbit harness

    On the infant seat...I'm having a heck of a time tightening it. Nothing is caught on anything. It still doesn't get tight even when baby is out of
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    New booster or re-harness?

    DS has gotten super lazy in the car these days. I feel like no matter how far we go, I'm constantly telling him to sit up and sit back. He slouches terribly and his head is always in front of his headwings. This has gone on for at least the last 90 days. When I ask if he needs his harness back...
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    Chances of this kid fitting RF in the CCO???

    ~snip~ Based on the spreadsheet measurements of the Titan and the CCO, factoring in the scooped seat of the CCO, and the fact that he's even with the 2nd from top slots in the Titan, I want to say that he should be fine. What do you think?
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    Travel plans and buying a stroller...or two...

    I've decided to just get a single I really like and worry about a double later. Here's what I need, though: 1) sturdy full size: I am a walker. We are a 15min walk from a large park and 20min from the mall. We walk to one or the other every other day. Sat mornings we walk for an hour around the...

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