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    Question Frontier 90 manual question

    My fr90 is in contact with vehicle seat top to bottom... On pg 24 of the manual, it says to be sure the top of the seat does not rest against vehicle seat back while reclining. What does that mean? The top vs the back? Confused! Sent from my iPhone using Car-Seat.Org
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    Where do the legs go?

    My kids rarely sit so their legs aren't supported/ pushing against something out of the car.... My DD still sits with them bent often in the car. Also, 3 years old, 14 hour car trip. No complaints. ;) Nor on our other 3,4,5 hour trips!
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    Question Best matching britax/radian covers.

    Ok. I just saw this, and they are installed so its dark. Also note that it is a classic blvd. Sent from my iPhone using Car-Seat.Org
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    Mirror question

    Usually see here that it's a projectile concern. What about rebound concern for rear facers? I never thought of this before... Sent from my iPhone using Car-Seat.Org
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    Foonf question, seat decisions

    I love the pria, but hate that the harness adjuster and head rest are connected. I just can't love the way Big-headed, long-necked A fits. I have trouble telling if her shoulders are below the harness. Peg is same problem, maybe worse. A wouldn't sit in it, and I still preferred Pria overall...
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    Show me your prias and CA!

    I'm about to purchase on of these, I like them both for different reasons. Could you share pics o your kids in them? Tell me your love and hate too! Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Car-Seat.Org
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    Struggling- new seat or not?

    Daughter is fitting in anything, but just weighed her at 31 lbs. I know I've read that those four lbs can be a while-she's 3 next month. Son is 10 months and very top tall (18 month onesies). Our seats: blvd 65x2 (boy in those) EFTA, RN 120 for daughter. At what point is the weight limit too...
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    I'm in LOVE

    We have two kids, 4 convertibles. For a while now, We've only had three if our seats installed...the two blvds+1rn. We have an EFTA that was used in grandparents car, and I finally installed it yesterday and used it for the first time. It works rf with my car, and was soooooo easy to adjust. I...
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    First gen prius + combination seat

    Hi all, can you tell me if you've successfully installed a frontier in a first gen Prius? Thanks- I have a tall niece (5) in need of a seat... Any other tips tricks and suggestions welcome. Sent from my iPhone using Car-Seat.Org
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    Question Peg convertible

    Does the peg have a higher base rf like the britaxes, lower like RN? Somewhere in between? I've seen all the pictures, I just can't tell-in some it looks about as high and others pretty sleek. I'm a little torn bc we might need another convertible, but I don't want to wait or pay for the foonf...
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    Radian boot + other clarifications

    Have a couple questions: 1) according to this thread, if I understand, feet can be out of seat crack? 2) angle adjuster-do you tighten and make sure the seat bottom of the RN is resting vehicle seat before tightening and installing aa? I'm very...
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    RN install clarifications

    We got a new car (Infiniti jx). When installing our RN  with LATCH, I was having trouble getting the three "touch points" to all touch with the boot in the seat (bight?). The seat was essentially floating but tight. Pull the boot out  and the seat bottom touches the seat, but the boot is pretty...
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    What do you do

    When you see a bunch of aftermarket products on a baby registry? I'm tempted to email, but not sure.. . Thoughts?
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    Car cargo?

    Sorry, not sure on the best place for this q- I have a hatchback. I usually have stuff in it. How do I make sure my (rf) kiddos are as safe as possible with my cargo? Is this what cargo nets are for? <shrug> Also, we go on an annual trip where the hatch is stuffed. This is terrible, right...
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    Radian shoulder width

    I am noticing after a few weeks of use that my daughters shoulders at times seem too narrow for the RN. Sometimes it seems like it slips down over to the edge of her shoulder too far. I have resolved by inching the chest clip up a bit and tightening further (although passes pinch test before...

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