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    Are 12 passenger vans not recommended?

    One of the camps were considering uses 12 passenger vans as transportation. Thats all the info I have and my recollection is these are not recommended, either because they're top heavy or may have lap belts or may not have adequate head support or possibly all of the above or more. Is that...
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    Question check fit

    Deleted pic to add new. Currently getting errors and can't. Sorry.
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    Curious about Chicco Go Fit / Disappointing misuse in video

    Booster looks interesting, but the video is very disappointing. This is a failed 3 across. They don't fit. Those side boosters are hanging off the seat and the kids are not in front of those head rests. :( I am curious about the booster...
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    Question Any new tall boosters?

    I haven't been around lately and am feeling out of the loop enough I'm wondering if I've missed anything new. DD is on the verge of outgrowing her PKWY and we're running low on options, so we're trying to get every last bit out of it. I don't suppose anything new has come out? Thanks! Also...
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    Question Help! DD miserable over hot seat!

    My DD's Parkway SGL in tango gets really hot if the car is in the sun, so much so this normally easy going kid gets very, very upset. I try to park so it's not, but the sun moves and that's not always possible. We've tried covering it with a towel if it's in the sun, but it still gets hot. Is...
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    Booster help for airplane trip - Must decide today!

    (Asked this last month, but some info has changed.) We're flying and driving a rental car at our destination. I need to make the final decision on what to bring today. Kid1: 5'3", 82 pounds -- Please see photo in check fit thread just posted in the general section. I was on the fence, but...
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    Question Fit check- 5 steps?

    How's she look without the booster? She's 5'3" and 82 pounds and getting too tall to fit boosters, even her incognito. Plus, we're flying this week and, although I'm all for car safety and much more conservative about this than anyone I know, even I'm feeling ridiculous bringing a booster for...
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    What booster/no booster at flight destination?

    We'll be flying this summer and driving a rental car at our destination. My kids have grown a lot since the last time we were in this situation so I'm looking for advice on what booster(s) to bring. Kid1: 10yo, 5'2", 82 pounds Kid2 8yo, 55-56", 62-63 pounds Both are tall and slim. Would you...
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    Can they really require 3 to a school bus seat?

    It seems it is allowed and considered the norm to expect kids to sit 3 to a seat on school buses, even though the 3rd kid has a hard time staying on the seat, hence not protected by compartmentalization. The NHTSA document seems to require all kids be within compartment, but also allows 3 and...
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    5 steps? Incognito or no booster or ...?

    My skinny DD recently reached 5 feet tall, the height limit for the incognito. She still has head support and doesn't mind using the booster at all, but she's now exceeding the listed height limit and it would be nice for her to be able to ride with friends. However, I'm not sure she 5 steps...
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    Question New boosters?

    Any new tall boosters coming out? I'm a little out of the loop and wondering if I've missed anything.
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    News Chicco KidFit Booster 20% off this week at Target

    The ad specifies a color, but I tried putting a different one in my cart and it still took off the 20%. HTH!
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    Question Would you sell?

    I get nervous about selling seats I couldn't replace, yet it seems a waste to have too many sitting around. Please help me decide! Can you think of any advantage of the 2012 Parkway SGL over the 2013? We have two 2013s in use and I'm trying to decide if I should sell the 2012 that's sitting...
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    Question New Britax Parkway SGL cover fabrics

    Are the newer cover (e.g. concord) colors any lighter than the tango? Our tango gets really hot in the sun, something that really bothers DD. We'd love to have one with lighter colors, so it would not heat up as much when the sun is on it. I only have online pics to compare them. Also, do...
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    Question Backless boosters with latch?

    Backless boosters that latch? There's the affix/connext, ozzi/olli, solana, ... any others? I feel like there must be more, but I can't think of any. Thanks!!!

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