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    ISO: Graco 4Ever infant insert

    It's not emergent but I need the infant insert by March. I have the headrest for this seat and it seems Graco only offers the head insert as a replacement. Anyone have an infant insert around that they no longer need?
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    Question What is your ideal car seat arrangement?

    I have a 2014 Odyssey so I know my configurations are endless but I want opinions on *your* favorite configurations. I have 2 children with one due to come in October Ages and seats when baby comes: 7: Recaro Performance Booster 3: rf in HeadWise NB: rf in NextFit I haven't yet tried to see if...
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    Question Trade T&C for slightly older Odyssey?

    Last summer we jumped the gun and bought a new 2013 T&C Touring and, since then, I've regretted the vehicle choice. I've found some 2011 Odyssey EXs that are about the same price as what I'm seeing trade in value being for our current van, maybe slightly more depending on the deal we can get...
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    Buying within Warranty

    How important do you think it is to buy a vehicle still within it's warranty? The 3 vehicles we are looking into (Pilot, Odyssey, Flex) all have 3yr/36,000 mile warranty so most of what we are finding are either close to or out of the warranty because of our budget. My husband is hung up on...
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    Question Spam me with suggestions

    I've already posted asking for suggestions but wanted to open the search up more. Buying next year with a budget around $20k-$24k Child 1: will be 5yrs 9/10mo old and will either be boostered full time or harnessed in a FN85 Child 2: will be 24/25 mo old rf in either a RA50 or Size4Me There...
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    Question Buying a new family vehicle

    I'm feeling overwhelmed and need some guidance. We currently have an 08 Mazda CX-7 and an 03 Mercury Mountaineer. We won't be getting this vehicle until my husband comes home from deployment so about 10 mo from now. My DS will be 5yrs 9 mo and my DD will have just turned 2 when the time...
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    Question Booster and convertible question

    So I found a store in town called Bargain Hunt and they have amazing prices on car seats. They have a TF for about $50, Advocate for $129, 2 month old Boulevard 70 for $130, and some Radians (but I'm not crazy about Radians). I'm thinking I'll get one for my DD who is 6 months and about 2.5...
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    Bargain Hunt/Essex Retail Outlet

    Has anyone heard of this store? They are in Ky, Tn, and Bama. I went to the one in Clarksville, Tn and they had great car seats at amazing prices!!! There was a 2 month old Boulevard 70 for $130, a Cowmoo FN 85 for less than $100 since it was sitting on the shelves since Sept, a couple of RNs...
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    Best infant seat for Twins in 05 Murano

    My sister is having twins around Dec-Jan and I'm in charge of finding seats since I'm the family "expert". She has an 05 Murano and a soon to be 4 yr old in a Graco Nautilus. I was the one who suggested the Nautilus when he was 3 (didn't want to RF) and they didn't think a new baby would be...
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    Question Keyfit vs chaperone?

    I have the keyfit 30 that I purchased late last year that is waiting to be used for my may baby due any day now. I found a great deal on the chaperone at and now I'm wondering if I should buy that and sell the keyfit or just keep the keyfit. It will be installed in my...
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    Question CCO: does the seat belt get locked?

    I can't seem to find a straight forward answer in the manual. I'm wanting to install the cco using the euro route. Does the seat belt get locked when installed this way? Seems like a silly question now that I've asked it lol. Thanks
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    Question Thinking through car seat for newborn

    I already have a Keyfit 30 but I'm still deciding on what seat for the second vehicle. My mom is giving me about $200 for a second seat. I have been planning on getting a CCO since WAY before we even started TTC because of how stinking cute it is but now I'm not sure. I have a CA that I plan...
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    Question Mossy oak parkway

    Are these being sold anywhere or is it an older model? My husband loves mossy oak and we will be booster training shortly after my son's fourth birthday so I was interested in this seat. I cant find anyone selling them though. Thanks
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    For Sale Radian XTSL

    SOLD Thank you!
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    Question I need stroller suggestions

    I am wanting to get a stroller for my baby due in May. I also have a 3 yr old who will be 4 in Aug so I am undecided on if I should get a double stroller or a single. All suggestions are welcome though. My budget is $350. I'd like it to either come with a bassinet or turn into a bassinet...

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