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    9 y.o. Child in front middle seat of a truck?

    Are all of the rear seating positions occupied by other children? At 4’8”, she will likely still need a booster seat of some sort although the belt fit may be different than many traditional seating positions so use the link above to assess against the 5-Step Test. Assuming that she does still...
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    Perego convertible carseat

    You will want to call customer service to see if they can help troubleshoot the issue and/or if they advise discontinuing use.
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    Installing harnessed boosters in a 93 Jeep Wrangler

    A few questions, will this vehicle be necessary for regularly transporting the kids or is it more of a fun, weekend, off-road adventuring kind of situation?
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    3 Across in Durango

    So you are in Canada? That’s good to know since there are different options available than in the US. Is the 5yo newly 5 or closer to 6? If she has the maturity to handle a booster, that might be an easier long-term option. The Maxi-Cosi RodiFix is now available in Canada and is a great...
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    6 kids in an ‘06 Honda Odyssey

    Have you tried installing the rear-facing Radian in the small 2nd row center seat just to see if it installs properly and whether or not one of the captain’s chairs has room to tip forward for 3rd row access? How often do all 8 of you including your husband all ride together? I’m thinking...
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    2 year old gets car sick and complains of back pain in car seat

    What vehicle is it and what seating position is she in? Have you tried forward-facing her to see if that makes any difference? Back pain and even bruising along the spine seems to be a problem for some kids the the Graco 4ever. Many kids don’t have the issue but I’ve seen reports of it more than...
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    1999 Lincoln towncar carseat

    A few questions to help get started, what car seat do you have? Is it rear-facing or forward-facing? How old and how big is the child?
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    3 Across in Durango

    What year is the Durango? The new Graco SlimFit3 LX is actually even slimmer than the Dionos and Cleks so thankfully we have a new slim option available at a more affordable price. What is the 5yo’s height and weight?
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    Britax Frontier 85 SICT question

    The GoFit also only goes to 57” standing height so he’s over that limit already. The RightGuide goes to 60” so he’s only an inch away. If he doesn’t pass the 5-step test now, the Diono Solana and the Peg Perego Shuttle are pretty much your only options.
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    Britax Frontier 85 SICT question

    What part of the 5-Step test does he not pass in the Cherokee? Many kids of that size will pass in the vast majority of vehicles. I’m surprised his hips and shoulders have fit in the Frontier up until this point.
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    Too tall for a booster?

    First of all, have you assessed her belt fit against the 5-Step test to see if she meets the requirements to go without a booster? Many kids will pass at 59” depending on the vehicle. At her age and size, if she passes all points of the 5-Step...
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    10 year old booster

    Wow, she’s crazy tall for 10! She’s over the standing height capacity of all boosters. Definitely check her against the 5-Step test listed above. If she doesn’t pass, that puts you in a tricky spot where she’s officially too tall for all boosters, but if she doesn’t get a good belt fit, that...
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    2015 crv 3 across

    With seat belt installs you may have a shot at it.
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    2015 crv 3 across

    Do you still have the previous infant seat? If so, have you tried installing all 3 seats yet?
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    2015 crv 3 across

    A slim infant seat in the middle (like the Chicco KeyFit) with the 2 Scenera NEXTs on the sides might have a good shot at fitting. Has the 16-month-old been using the Scenera since birth or did he/she start in an infant seat?

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