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  1. Angela

    For Sale Clek Olli rebel okidoki

    Selling my clek Olli rebel okidoki. The cover was actually switched to an older seat so dom 5/2012. Good for 7 yrs. Will to sell either just the cover or the whole seat. Cover $20 plus shipping. Whole seat $40 plus shipping. I have the original box, carry strap, manual, and cupholder...
  2. Angela

    Free SR35 cover - red and gray

    FFS - SR 35 cover - red and gray. Perfect condition, just the cover.
  3. Angela

    For Sale Clek Ozzi

    For sale is a clek Ozzi. Perfect shape. DOM 10/15/12. No manual, but I can print one up if needed. Can post pic if there's any interest. $45 ppd
  4. Angela

    In Search Of Clek oobr - can be close to expiration

    Just need it to last a year or less.
  5. Angela

    3 across 2007 Nissan Altima?

    Is there any way to get 3 across in a 2007 Nissan Altima? 2 forward facing, 1 rear facing (bucket or convertible). I'm helping a mom who has 1 set of twins (over 2 and forward facing) and an infant on the way in December.
  6. Angela

    Checking interest: GM prefolds, a bunch of covers and a few wet/dry bags (all new)

    Since there was some interest - I added pictures and prices. All are ppd. If a price is too high, let me know. Remember they're all new, just washed, so they're priced accordingly. Here's what I have: All are new, but washed in Allen's Naturally 2 diaperaps covers sz newborn - $5 each 2...
  7. Angela

    Pictures of newborn in orbit infant seat?

    Anyone have any pictures?
  8. Angela

    Cosco Pronto or Evenflo Big Kid Sport

    If you had a kiddo that fit the same in both, which would you choose and why?
  9. Angela

    Debating on semi full time no back use, is he too young still?

    A bit of background.... We have a Compass B505 in DH 2011 Nissan Juke, but I've never been a fan of the belt fit on DS. DH just got a 'beater' truck to use for dump runs and the like. He wanted to have a no back booster in there for DS to use on the VERY rare occasion that it would be...
  10. Angela

    Chicco Keyfit 30 crotch buckle measurement?

    I'm watching a little girl who still fits in her Keyfit. I'm installing my OB35 Air in my car, in case I need it. I feel a bit better with the install with the base rather than installing the Keyfit baseless. So, since she fits the Keyfit perfectly, I want to make sure I have the crotch...
  11. Angela

    Front seat install in '11 Toyota Tacoma

    Had an interesting install tonight that ended with a few questions. The couple had a 2011 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab and we were installing a Baby Trend infant seat. It couldn't be installed in the back seat due to overhang and a loose install with the seatbelt, so we installed in the front...
  12. Angela

    Safest in front seat with no airbag rf, ff, booster, or seat belt?

    This came up in a FB group I'm on and it got me wondering. It's a hypothetical question, but which would be safer in a front seat with no air bag. A RF seat, FF harnessed seat, booster, or seat belt if the child is under 12 yrs?
  13. Angela

    Infant Seat handle preference, up vs. down

    There's a debate going on in a FB group I'm on about whether to leave an infant seat handle up or down, when the manufacture says it's fine either way. Obviously you want to make sure it's allowed by the seat first, but in the case where it can be left either up or down, which do you prefer or...
  14. Angela

    Any studies or info about not using shelf liner

    Anyone have any studies or anything of the like that says that shelf liner is not good for installing car seats on leather vehicle seats. I know it's not supposed to be done and can melt into the seat, etc, but I need something to show some other techs that I know what I'm talking about. Anyone...
  15. Angela

    Which infant seat will last longer Chicco Keyfit 22 vs. Safety 1st Onboard 35 Air

    I have a feeling I know which one, but thought I'd ask. I have both as demo seats with the possibility of using them with our newest little one as a backup. DS was a big baby at almost 9 lbs and a tall torso, so I'm guessing this one will be too. So which one should I keep?

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