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    Question Infant carrier?

    I am looking to purchase my oldest niece, who is expecting in late March a car seat for her little one. I will also be purchasing a stroller to go with it. She drives a 2003, or 2004 Chevy Cavalier, two door. I think that I would like to get her either a baby jogger city select, or possibly a...
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    News Graco Nautilus

    I do not know if it is just the Lloydminster Superstore or others. Lloyd had DOM, a few were March 2013, but most were March 2014 nautilus's on for $99.94. The box said that they had improved Harnesses. I was in a rush and didn't quite read what it said.
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    Britax car accident replacement policy?

    My SIL was rear ended on Friday. Her two were with my mom. I can't remember if the seats need to be replaced after an accident or what their policy was. Her car was drivable with some visible damage. She had a Frontier in booster mode and a older Britax Boulevard.
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    Three accross in a sonata? or simular sedan

    Now that we are living in the country, I am looking for a commuter car. I like the sonata and my Bf has one. I on a typical day only have the youngest three, as I do a lot of my running around while the older two are in school. I love my Odyssey but I am looking for something to save on fuel...
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    Question Chicco 30

    Was just reading the sears catalogue and saw that they have the chicco 30 car seats available. are they now available in Camada. I am just looking for a friend, no more for us.
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    Needing rear facing seats.

    We are moving back to Canada in February. I now have three, three and under and need seats for them. I haven't bought or really looked at seats since Leah was a baby six years ago. Logan will be three when we move. He is 30 pounds and 37 or so inches tall. I haven't decided yet, but he may...
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    Wanting to booster full time

    Summer has finally decided to booster full time. She has been in a booster this summer, while traveling in Canada. She weighs 48 ish maybe closer to 50 pounds. She stands 47 inches tall. We get our new Nisan NV passenger van tomorrow. I am not sure where to position her, or what would be a...
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    Any clue what this is?

    On Lloydminster kijiji I found this car set. I know it isn't Canadian as they talk about a carry cot.
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    I am not sure when

    I heard from my friend who run's the Walmart baby, section, in Lloydminster, in the next few weeks, they are going to be clearing out car seats. She mentioned that they were going to be selling at like 50% off some of their seats. I won't be around during the sale, but just a little heads up.
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    5 in eight passenger Oddy Long!!

    I am thinking ahead. This has been on my mind for a few months, won`t need until end of August. Current set up: Middle Row: Passenger: Eryn, RF 10 months Chaperone. She is 18 pounds and around 27 to 27.5 inches. She still has a little growing room in it. She will be 1 when I need to get this...
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    links needed, please.

    I know about the arguments about using seats on planes. I am on a non related message board, and have been in a day long discussion, weather you should buy a seat on the plane for a baby, or just hold them on your lap. I would like something to back up what I am saying. Eryn at ten months has...
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    We are flying to Ireland in July. We are taking a bunch of kids. I am picking up a second bubble bum for my friends seven year old, would you use bubble bums for 2 nearly six year olds, who are booster trained?
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    Flying with Aton?

    Anybody did it. Is it easy? I am going home this weekend and haven't flown with the Aton yet.
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    OMG I saw something for a first time!!

    I was at Walmart on Sunday, when I saw a guy unload a covertible car seat out of his SUV and then load it into the top seat of the cart:eek:. I stopped him and told him that it was incredibly dangerous, and the best plan would be to place the seat into the bottom of the shopping cart not the...
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    in need of a carrier.

    I am in need of a Canadian carrier. It is going to be used for maybe 6 or 8 weeks. I would like some ideas. I have a borrowed cavalier, so it isn't the biggest. Eryn will be RF in her chaperone behind the passenger seat, but I may switch her to her CCO before we head north for the time. Any...

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