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    For Sale Britax Regent (DOM: 8/2008)

    Britax Regent (DOM: 1/2008) I'm not even sure if anyone still wants a Regent, with all the new seats out there now. But I'm finally letting go of it. It has a Sahara cover, although I think I have an extra cover somewhere in storage. Make an offer. :D
  2. AdventureMom

    Britax Frontier 85... amazed: DS fits at 8 1/2

    DS recently had a growth spurt and shot up a tad over the top slots of the Regent. While looking online at boosters, I got the idea to try him in DD's Frontier 85. I really didn't think it would make a difference. But - he fits with about 3/4 of an inch left! And he really likes it. Woo...
  3. AdventureMom

    What to do... sell Parkway?

    I finally decided to sell our cowmoo Parkway (we need space, moving to smaller place, etc). We also have a TB and a Monarch (Monarch lives in Grandpa's car, though). Right now, DS is still in his Regent on 2nd-to-top slots and in the Radian with about 1/2" to go before being even with top...
  4. AdventureMom

    Blue Bouquet Regent

    Okay, being forced to sell our beloved Blue Bouquet Regent (DOM: 11/2005). I have it on eBay but thought I'd put it on here as well. Yes, I'm asking a high price for it, but I'll see what happens. It is BRAND NEW, never been used. The box is a little beat up; we'd been saving it for DD...
  5. AdventureMom

    Recycling Expired Seats

    Check out this site for the Colorado Children's Automobile Safety Associates. Some of you may have heard of this Car Seat Guy before...? Anyway, I wish there were a program like this near me. He takes expired seats, gets help in stripping them down to just the plastic, then hauls the plastic...
  6. AdventureMom

    Old Regent shell size vs New Regent shell size

    There was a previous thread about this and IIRC another one with pictures of naked Regents and a side-by-side comparison? Well, with an older model (DOM 11/2005) and newer one (DOM 1/2008) in my possession now, I decided to measure. There's a slight difference. Also, in the picture of the...
  7. AdventureMom

    FS: Regent Sahara (NIB/never opened)

    ----SOLD---- This is our "extra" Regent that was ordered inadvertently. Just arrived yesterday. DOM is 9/2007. Local pickup would be awesome, otherwise I'm asking for shipping as well. $205. (I will be returning it soon if there are no takers, since I can get my full refund for $205 back...
  8. AdventureMom

    Buying a "Returned" Regent...?!?

    I got my confirmation yesterday from for DS's Sahara Regent ($205/free shipping) but didn't open it until today. It says it's a "Returned" New Regent. :eek: I tried calling them to cancel since I can get a non-returned one for a similar price during the sale. But they're closed...
  9. AdventureMom

    Crash studies in CPS Express

    Anyone see this yet in the new CPS Express? Virginia Child Restraint Crash Investigation Studies Virginia's multi-disciplinary crash investigation team released several in-depth reports that discuss the importance of correctly restraining children in safety seats. Specific reports, such as...
  10. AdventureMom

    Child Safety research

    I stumbled across an AAP website with research studies regarding proper child safety seat use (it was dated 2002). I looked at some of the footnotes and came across this article from 1997: Wow. Only 6% of preschoolers were restrained in a CRS of some sort, with only half of those being...
  11. AdventureMom

    Boulevard in Sutton... on sale?

    We went to BRU today...:love: I sat DS in the Regent just to check since it's been a year since I tried him in one. He's just a tad over the 3rd slots from the top, maybe even with them? :D He liked the Sahara so I'm getting that. I also tried DD in a BV. I LOVE the Sutton! Wow...
  12. AdventureMom

    Another "Which cover?!?" Thread

    I've succombed to temptation and have decided to get DS a Regent. But which one?!? I like the Sahara colors but not the fabric. Here's my idea: buy a Madison, keep the cover for DD, and modify the tether slots on a Wicket Loden Husky cover for the Regent. We have a Wicket Loden cover but...
  13. AdventureMom

    Decathlon: $199 (in "Odyssey")

    In just one pattern, Odyssey, at
  14. AdventureMom

    Any new covers for Diplomat...?

    We really want the Diplomat for the Jeep. The covers - ugh. Does anyone know if they plan on new covers this year for the Dip? Of course, I know the real answer is that no one knows what Britax is going to do. :rolleyes: I guess I just want hope - LOL! :o
  15. AdventureMom

    RF Tether in Jeep Wrangler

    After my dilemma about getting a seat that we could tether while RF in our Wrangler, I can now not find a suitable spot for the tether... :( Anyone with a Wrangler have a good spot you used? Ours is 1997 and the seats do a fold-and-slide-forward movement to get in the back seat. The track is...

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