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    Turbobooster vs. Turbobooster LX Safety Surround

    Latch is really convenient. I’d probably go with the lx for that reason alone.
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    Booster for babysitter’s car

    Booster for babysitter’s car Hi all, My 7 year old dd needs a booster seat to use with the babysitter. I’m hoping for something lightweight and easy to use. Dd is a seasoned booster rider so a backless should work fine. She is 43lbs and 47” tall, and wears size 6 clothes. The babysitter...
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    Seat for 18 month old in Africa

    Friends of mine live in East Africa and are visiting the U.S. soon. They have an 18 month old daughter who has outgrown her infant only seat. So she needs a new car seat for the trip and also to last when she is back home in Africa. I don’t know if the car has latch or locking seatbelts as some...
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    Differences between highback affix without back and backless only affix?

    Hello, Does anyone know if there is a difference between the highback affix used as a Backless booster and the affix sold only as a backless? Would the fit vary at all? Thanks in advance.
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    NHTSA side impact requirement

    Do you know when the new side impact requirements for children under 40lbs comes into effect? Three years ago there was a discussion about new requirements for manufacturers and that they would have three years to comply. Also, does this mean that boosters will no longer have 30-33lb minimum...
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    Please tell me what to buy for 4 year old

    I have a 4.5 year old who is going to need at least one new seat. She currently has a boulevard 70 which expires in a few months (this summer maybe?), and a combi coccoro that is almost outgrown by standing height and her shoulders are about 1/2" below the top. Stats: 33lbs, almost 40", 14"...
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    Black safety first incognito

    I have a new safety first incognito looking for a home. It's black and comes with the registration card. Manufactured May 2016.
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    Aidia boosters

    Does anyone know anything about the aidia booster seats? I saw them on Amazon and thought they looked cool but wanted to hear opinions before I try one out. That green amazon print would look sweet in my Subaru.
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    Booster for long buckle stalk

    We need a booster (highback or backless) for ds in our Honda Pilot. He currently has an x fix that works with the sort of long buckle on the driver side but it is expiring soon. Stats are 60lbs and 53". Wearing size 8 clothes, short torso.
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    Booster lap belt fit

    Can you weigh in on this lap belt fit please? The purple seat is a high back Argos.
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    Booster seat advice please

    I have my 9 year old (55lb 50") riding in my two Subaru vehicles (Impreza and forester). The problem I am running into is that a backless booster makes the shoulder belt look like it is too far over on his shoulder. How close to his neck should the belt be? If our current seats don't work does...
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    Now I know why we say no 4-5 year olds in boosters

    Today I drove a friend's five year old to school with my kids. I put her in the cybex X fix because I figured she would fit well and be comfortable in it. Halfway to school I look back and she has wiggled completely out of the seatbelt! My own kid had never done this so I never knew what...
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    Have you ever used a seat continuously until expiration?

    I was cleaning the car today and realized how worn my dd's 4.5 year old seat is. I don't think we have used any of our other seats on a daily basis for that long. How about you guys?
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    Forward facing coccoro

    Hey all, I am trying to install a Coccoro forward facing in either of my subaru vehicles (forester and Impreza). It seems super reclined ff, more so even than rf. Any tricks?
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    ISO Coccoro covers

    I'm looking for a back up cover for my coccoro. I'd love key lime, carrot cake, or strawberry shake. We don't need the infant insert, but strap covers would be nice.

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